La Dolce Vita with Bar Dolci

Treat your sweet tooth with rows upon rows of various gelato flavors, French macarons, fruit jellies, dolcitas and more.

Life is sweet in this little spot located within the bustling dining hub that is Burgos Circle in Fort BGC. Bar Dolci has been drawing patrons from all over the Metro like a swarm of bees for more than a year now and they can’t seem to stop buzzing about it.

This establishment as the name suggests features treats for your sweet tooth—rows upon rows of various gelato flavors, French macarons, fruit jellies, dolcitas and more. But it is not a bar per se—no deafening thumping music in here and nope, no alcohol either, save for their alcopops (cocktail drinks cum gelato popsicle) which you can order if you want something sweet with a subtle kick. They instead offer diners a sweet retreat from the frantic life outside.

Time seems to slow down inside Bar Dolci where you can forget about the stresses of life, grab a li’l spoon and try the flavors, heck try all the flavors if your want! Once you’ve settled on an order you can either enjoy your dessert al fresco, or choose a spot upstairs. There are chairs arranged outdoors where you can chitchat with your friends or watch the night unfold in front of your eyes. But if you’d want a more quiet dining option you can go upstairs and sink your butt into one of the couches beside the glass wall which while secluded from the noise outside, affords an almost 180-degree view of the busy Burgos Circle. I for one like to sit comfortably on the couch upstairs, right in that corner facing the tiny park where I can watch dogs as I snuggle up with my cup of gelato.

We must’ve spent a good 5 minutes trying the flavors during our first visit there, until we finally settled for a mixed cup (yep two flavors in one!) of Raspberry Black Tea Sorbet and Vanilla Bean (gelato price: P120/small, P160 medium, P200 large). We also got some Macarons (P50 each) and Dolcitas (P60 each) which we quickly took upstairs.


The Dolcita tastes as interesting as it looks. It’s basically gelato sandwiched in macarons sprinkled with nuts and dipped in luscious chocolate so you’ve got crunchy subtle sweetness on the outside and cool creamy goodness on the inside. A killer combo that’ll have you licking the stick clean right after for sure.

Raspberry Black Tea Sorbet and Vanilla Bean

While the Raspberry sorbet tasted fruity, the Vanilla bean surprisingly had a lot of spunk for something that looks so plain. Each spoonful of this flavor is like taking a whiff of real vanilla pods! They definitely don’t scrimp on ingredients around here.

French macarons

But what’s more enticing, (and what draws the crowd I would suppose) are their French macarons. The crunchy exterior crumbles deliciously inside your mouth as you sink your teeth into the smooth filling. Not too sweet, just the right amount of saccharine goodness and a whole lot of flavor. I would recommend that you take small bites and savor the texture instead of popping one after another into your mouth (then again you can always do that if you’re prepared to finish a dozen in a minute!).

After finishing our plates we spent around an hour just watching the crowds come to Burgos Circle. Yep, you can do that here—lounge around and wait ‘till you feel the urge to order some more. No irritated waiters, who’d hurriedly clean up your table and kick you out after your meal , nope, none of that around here. They’ll just let you be. You can grab a magazine or watch some television which they also have upstairs.

Dark chocolate

Just as soon as the night started we headed down to order another batch. A cup of Dark chocolate and Manhattan cheesecake gelato. The latter was a visually appetizing gelato version of the king of all cheesecakes. While the former I must say has got to be one of my favorites. It’s got pure dark choco goodness, not too sweet, just the right amount of flavorful cocoa that lingers in your mouth even after you’ve finished the cup. As a chocolate lover through and through, for me this one hits the spot.

Manhattan cheesecake

After another hour of chatting and flipping through magazines we decided to cap the night off with , wait for it, another cup which I wanted to finish on our way home—a mixed cup of Ferrero and Pistachio (their best sellers I was told). It was the perfect ending to an afternoon ‘till early night rendezvous. The nutty goodness of pistachio (pure unadulterated pistachio goodness) neutralized the sweet ferrero gelato. Swiping the scoop from one flavor to the other allowed me to have both yummy gooey gelato in a single spoon (best way to enjoy a mixed cup if you discover the right combo). Needless to say I finished my last cup even before getting home. Actually, it was so good I must have finished it half way through the parking lot!

Ferrero and Pistachio

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