Tsim Sha Tsui: An Ode To Unlimited Dimsum

Click to discover the kinds of dim sum you can have in this Chinese resto (as well as the obvious reason why I can never be a poet).

Why do I love thee, Tsim Sha Tsui? Let me count the ways…

I love the interiors pink, green, and white,
The little girl in me squealed upon first sight.
I’m quite pleased you’re not dressed in red or gold,
You must think too, that look is getting old.

I love thee because of your dim sum buffet,
I’ve been to many, but yours has a quirky way.
Atop a conveyor belt, steamy dim sum trays lay,
It’s always fun to watch them lazily come my way.

Haiphong Pork

I love Haiphong Pork that’s extra garlicky and spicy,
It’s too good; I don’t care if it makes my breath stinky.
With the best-selling Steamed Fried Rice, I always pair it,
Wet, saucy, and heavy — no wonder it’s everyone’s favorite.

Steamed Fried Rice

Siu Mai

Quail Egg Siu Mai

Fond I am too, of thy chunky, shrimp-filled Siu Mai,
But the Quail Egg-topped version is what makes me utter, ‘Oh my!’
Your Ha Kao, Xiao Long Bao, and Mini Pao, I always praise loud.
But only for thy crispy and mushy Stuffed Taro would I sing for a crowd.

Ha Kao

Stuffed Taro

All these and more thou offer for P350,
With brewed lemon tea, it’s a reasonable fee!
The next time I’m in Cebu, I swear to visit thee,
I hope that promise makes up for my sucky poetry.

Tsim Sha Tsui’s dim sum carousel is open during lunch and dinner times only. You may order from their ala carte menu during the rest of the day. For something more sensical, watch this Clipcast video about Tsim Sha Tsui.


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