Open Bar + Awesome Burgers + Steady Ambiance = The Lab Gastropub

Head to The Lab Gastropub for their massive and messy burger plus drink all you can promotion-- all for P345!

I’ll be cutting to the chase here since I’m pretty sure that all you want me to do is explain if you can really get a burger this massive…

and messy…

with as much beer, cocktails, sodas, and juices your body can handle…

… all for only P345.

Well, yes you can. Because every order of a main dish (any item that falls under the Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Pasta, and Sandwiches categories in the menu) at The Lab Gastropub is inclusive of an access to their assisted bar buffet. And by assisted bar buffet, they mean: all the available beer (draft, local), cocktails, sodas, and juices your body can handle.

Having affirmed that, I’m quite sure that most of you are ready to close this tab and start planning a night out at The Lab Gastropub. While that’s totally fine (enjoy, guys!), those who decide to stay with me until the end of this short rave (promise!) are in for more food porn.

Awesome Burger, et al.

As I mentioned earlier, The Lab Burger (P345) is Lab Gastrolounge’s massive and messy tower of mushroom, onion confit, whipped ricotta cheese, mango salsa, quarter pound homemade beef patty, sandwiched in between two thick but soft French toast slices.

Skim through my notes and you’d find not one, nor two, but three hearts beside The Lab Burger’s name.

I love the use of broad and sweetened toast in place of a normal and dry bun. I also found the marriage of mushrooms and ricotta cheese perfect. I thought the beefiness of the patty was remarkable. I love it so much that I think it’s the best burger you can get in this side of town.

Aside from The Lab Burger, one can also opt to order their Adobo Bangers (P390) for main course.

Adobo Bangers

Adobo Bangers is their unique take on the popular Filipino dish. Instead of serving adobo in its normal, saucy way, the geniuses behind the kitchen thought of fashioning sausages made out of ground adobo.

If you’re not in the mood to conquer their open bar, you may opt to order their equally satisfying appetizers. The maho and chicharon laden crunchy Lab Sisig (P195) and just slightly spicy Lab Chicken Wings (P285) are both big enough to be shared by two to three diners.

Lab Sisig

Lab Chicken Wings

End your meal on a sweet note with their unique dessert options: Baked Halo-halo and Mango Inutak ala Mode (P230).

Baked Halo-halo

Mango Inutak ala Mode

Steady, Chill Ambiance

The Lab has a semi-sporty atmosphere. While not exactly a “posh” bar, the place doesn’t scream chain, either.

“We are where you go when you want a quiet night out with your friends or even a date. We are a bar, but unlike the others in the area, we don’t have loud speakers and busy atmosphere. We’re laid back for those who want a steady and cool night out ,” Cyrus Cruz, Marketing Manager of the Cravings Group explained.

In the latter part of the year, renovations will be made in order to make it look more like a laboratory.

The Lab Gastropub’s formula for attracting clientèle is simple: feed them remarkable food, spoil them with an open bar, and provide them a steady ambiance that’s exceptional in that area.

Lab Gastropub is located at San Miguel by the Bay
Oceana Culinary Complex, Bldg. A, Seaside Blvd, SM Mall of Asia (near Vikings). The restaurant is open everyday from 6PM onwards.

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