Quiz: Which Quiznos Sandwich Best Matches Your Personality

If the saying “you are what you eat” is true, then this foodie quiz will tell you which among Quiznos' best-selling subs best fits you.

Quiznos, a fast casual sandwich chain in Bonifacio High Street, currently offers 24 varieties of subs, sliders, and flat breads in their menu.

While we all know that variety is great, sandwich-picking in Quiznos can be quite a chore especially to the uninitiated. Aside from offering 24 sandwich options, Quiznos made decision making even harder by coming up with three sizes: Small- 5″, Regular- 8″ and Large- 11″ and five different bread options: Whole Grain, Flatbread, White, Wheat, Rosemary Parmesan. Not to mention, their non- sandwich options like salads, rice meals and desserts.

Left with so many considerations, first-time customers tend to take time in ordering and delay the assembly lines. Ergo, even longer lines to the counter. To help out the first timers, we decided to make a mini-quiz that will help pick their first sub.

Are you about to visit Quiznos for the first time? If the saying “you are what you eat” is true, then this foodie quiz will tell you which among Quiznos’ best-selling subs best fits you.

1.If a dish were to be named after you, it will most likely be:

a. classic and approachable
b. light and all-natural
c. chunky, heavy, and meaty
d. comforting and definitely cheesy
e. tangy and exciting
f. refined and expensive

2.In your group of friends, you are…

a. everyone’s “ate” or “kuya
b. the health-guru
c. the hard core carnivore who never listens to the health-guru
d. the emotional, go-to person of who ever’s undergoing a rocky relationship
e. the “promotor” who’s always ready to go anywhere and try anything
f. the “gourmet”

3.It’s Friday night. Where are you going?

a. To the cinema. You’ve been waiting all week to watch the latest blockbuster.
b. Yoga studio or gym. You want to sweat off a week worth of stress.
c. To the newest buffet restaurant in town. Talk about ending the week with a bang!
d. To the food market. A new vendor put up shop and you can’t wait to try his products.
e. Out of town! Probably Tagaytay or maybe even Antipolo
f. To a quiet wine bar

4.Which among these is your favorite cooking ingredient?

a. Chicken
b. Cream
c. Tomatoes
d. Cheese
e. Beef
f. Red Wine

5.You are partial to:

a. American comfort cuisine
b. All-natural, healthy, organic dishes
c. Any cuisine as long as it’s meaty and heavy
d. Cheesy, French food
e. Zesty or spicy Indian food
f. Classic flavors of the Italian cuisine

6.You recently went into a diet. Which of these will you eat first on your cheat day?

a. Burger
b. Ice cream
c. Bolognese pasta
d. Cheesy Nachos
e. Steak
f. Sausages

7.What drives your food choices?

a. Sense of familiarity and comfort
b. Healthy, all-natural ingredients
c. Size and quantity
d. Richness of flavor
e. Variety of flavor and texture
f. Premium, classy ingredients

If you answered mostly A’s…


Get the Traditional (Small- P125, Regular-P175, Large-P225).
As the name suggests, you’re just like a traditional sandwich that packs everything in it and is hard not to love. If you’re conservative in picking your food, get the Traditional that’s filled with three kinds of meat: roast beef, chicken breast, and ham, as well as a handful of cheddar slices, black olives, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and buttermilk ranch. This is recommended for play-it-safe first-timers who are having a hard time picking a sub.

If you answered mostly B’s…

Chicken Carbonara

Get the Chicken Carbonara (Small- P135, Regular-P285, Large-P235 ).
You’re quite health conscious! While a fast casual sandwich shop is unlikely the destination for healthy eaters like you, you might want to consider their light yet tasty Chicken Carbonara sandwich that’s filled with a reasonable amount of all-natural chicken, smoky bacon, all natural Mozarella, sauteed mushroom, and Parmesan Alfredo sauce. Okay. It’s not that healthy with bacon, cheese, and cream sauce. But hey, at least it’s all-natural!

If you answered mostly C’s…

Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

Get the Meatballs in Marinara Sauce (Small- P135, Regular-P285, Large-P235 ).
You’re a hardcore carnivore! To satiate your meaty cravings, order a regular portion of this heavy sandwich just for yourself. It’s filled with Italian meatballs and dressed with Parmesan and Marinara; it’s guaranteed to please your tummy!

If you answered mostly D’s…

Double Cheese Cheesesteak

Get the Double Cheese Cheesesteak (Small- P195, Regular-P295, Large-P395 ).
You are a cheese-obsessed fella, aren’t you? Well, find your match in Quiznos’ extra cheesy sandwich. It has steak, double all-natural Swiss cheese, sauteed onions, and mayonnaise, it will turn Jerry (of Tom and Jerry) and Remy (of Ratatouille), green in envy!

If you answered mostly E’s…

Zesty Grille Steak

Get the Zesty Grille Steak (Small- P195, Regular-P295, Large-P395 ).
You’re an exciting food partner– willing to take risks and try new flavors! For something unconventional, try this Zesty Grille sub that tries to recreate the high of eating a steak but with all-natural Mozarella, Cheddar, sauteed onions, mushrooms, Zesty Grille sauce, and honey mustard.

If you answered mostly F’s…

Classic Italian Sandwich

Get the Classic Italian Sandwich (Small- P125, Regular-P175, Large-P225).
You’ve a discerning tongue– trained by years and years of food experimentation. At this stage, you now know that submarine sandwiches from authentic Italian deli contain spicier Italian cold cuts. For your Italian fix, get this sub filled with Capicola, Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Mozarella, lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, onions, and red wine vinaigrette.

Disclaimer: Don’t let the results of this quiz to limit you from trying any of Quiznos options! Go on a food trip and try all of the flavors until you meet your best match.


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