Eat Your Heart Out: Your Spiral Buffet Attack Plan

Spiral is back, and it's grander than ever. Here are some tips on conquering Sofitel's longest buffet.

The Spiral buffet battleground: Are you ready?
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It's back, and it's grander than ever. Feeling overwhelmed on how to start your Spiral feast? Here are some tips on conquering Sofitel Philippine Plaza's longest buffet.

1. Savor old favorites.

In any buffet that's stood through the test of time, you have your safe bets, the old reliables. Spiral's scrumptious Korean, Mongolian, Japanese, Italian, and Indian food offerings have been pleasing tummies for years. It is highly recommended that you start off with their fine selection of sushi and sashimi, paired with salads and appetizers. Pick some of their fresh oysters and have the chef prepare it Rockefeller style. And of course, you cannot have a full Spiral buffet experience without ending it with their famous desserts — but more on that later.


2. Visit the new Ateliers.


Now that they've expanded their buffet, diners can look forward to visiting their 21 'Ateliers,' or artist’s special workshop/stations spread out within the area. Don't miss out on the much-raved l’épicerie — a room dedicated to premium aged hams, charcuterie, and artisanal cheese!

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1. Salad and Appetizer
2. L’Écailler
3. Sushi-Sashimi
4. L’Epicerie
5. Hot Japanese
6. French Stove
7. Rotisserie
8. Wood fired oven
9. Churrasco
10. North Indian
11. Asian Noodles
12. Peking Duck Oven
13. Chinese Wok
14. Steam Baskets  
15. Filipino
16. Thai
17. Korean
18. La Boulangerie
19. La Patisserie
20. Chocolaterie
21. Creamery

3. Get a table at La Veranda.

This new extension at Spiral is a sure highlight — reserve a table at Parisian style La Veranda and experience a relaxing, casual ambiance at the indoor airconditioned lounge that opens to an outdoor terrace. Here, you have a view of the gazebos and Sofitel's iconic lagoon-shaped pool. Now, you can feast with the moon and stars, savor the sunny skies, or watch the sun dip into the horizon — depending on the time of your buffet.

4. Always have room for dessert.

Spiral has always been famous for their dessert selections — just a peek into their la patisserie, chocolaterie and creamery can make sweet-tooths and chocoholics sigh and all heart-eyed. Chocolate fountain? Check. Beautiful cakes? Check. Fruit tarts and parfaits? Yup, they have 'em, too. A little island of hard and soft candies and cookies will delight the kids and kids at heart. Expect a sugar rush with Spiral, their desserts are a must-try.

5. Pace yourself.

With a star-studded chef brigade at the helm of this epic hotel buffet, one must not rush the Spiral experience. Perhaps we can liken it to falling in love. Keep in mind that Spiral is one fine, elegant lady.  And just like how one should woo a beautiful woman, we start off patient and slow. If you intend to start a relationship with this buffet restaurant, pacing is the key. Don't overwhelm your tastebuds and assault your tummy — have just a little of everything you want to taste. And, always remember…

6. Fret not. There will be a next visit.

Don't go selfish and stuff yourself with ALL the dishes of all the 21 Ateliers (is that even humanly possible?). Gluttony is a sin for a reason. Stop when you feel like you've had enough food.  It's okay to surrender and wave the white flag. Hey, this is the longest buffet we are talking about, and conquering Spiral is no easy task! Make your visits count — schedule them when you want to celebrate big time and eat hearty, and time it close to pay weekend as possible so you won't feel much guilt with your wallet. It'll be worth it, anyway. So pat yourself on the back, rub that food baby of a belly, and congratulate yourself for a buffet well done. And when that food coma wears off and you've rid yourself of the I-hate-myself-for-eating-so-much-I-don't-wan't-to-eat-ever-again anger, it's good to know that you've left Spiral a wiser (albeit heavier) buffet warrior.

Spiral's Rates and Operating Hours*:

Breakfast Buffet: 6:30 am – 10: 30 am Daily

-includes Unlimited Champagne during Saturdays and Sundays only

  • Monday to Friday: P1,719.55 (Adult), P982.60 (Children)
  • Saturday to Sunday: P1,965.20 (Adult), P1,105.43 (Children)

Sunday Brunch: 12 noon – 3:00 pm

-includes Unlimited Champagne and Sparkling Wine

  • Sunday: P3,046.06 (Adult), P1,596.73 (Children)

Lunch Buffet: 12 noon – 2:30 pm, Monday to Saturday

  • Monday to Saturday: P2,431.94 (Adult), P1,351.08 (Children)

Dinner Buffet: 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm Daily

-includes Unlimited Foie Gras Terrine

  • Sunday to Thursday: P2,800.41 (Adult), P1,596.73 (Children)
  • Friday to Saturday: P3,046.06 (Adult), P1,596.73 (Children) from 6pm-10:30pm


  • December 28, Friday: Lunch/Brunch – P2,763.60 / Dinner – P3,561.90
  • December 29, Saturday: Lunch/Brunch – P3,561.90 / Dinner – P3,561.90
  • December 30, Sunday: Lunch/Brunch – P3,561.90 / Dinner – P3,561.90
  • December 31, Monday: Lunch/Brunch – P2,579.30 / Dinner – P5,895.60
  • January 1, Tuesday: Lunch/Brunch – P3,561.90 / Dinner – P3,009.20


*Published rates as of 28 December 2012. Children’s rate is for kids aged 5 to 11 years old; kids aged 4 years and below are free of charge accompanied by an adult while partaking the buffet. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. For reservations, go to Spiral's webpage.


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