Lick Me!: Cool and Creative Ice Cream Flavors Around Metro Manila

Find out where you can give your tastebuds some of the metro's unique ice cream flavors in this list!

Ice Cream is that frozen treat that often brings out the kid in us. From supermarket staples to gourmet and made-to-order, it's both easy and accessible to satiate one's ice cream cravings nowadays. For the sweet toothed folk who are seeking for more than the typical vanilla and chocolate flavors, the metro is now bursting with tastier and unique options–ice cream artisans are now stepping up in churning creative and one of a kind flavors to give your tastebuds something new to experience.

Find out where you can lick on some of the metro's unique ice cream flavors in this list!

Blue cheese ice cream topped with Palawan honey and walnuts

We kick off the list with Sebastian's Ice Cream, one of the long-running faves of ice cream lovers that crave unique and inventive flavors. Ice cream artisan Ian Carandang has been fearlessly experimenting with flavors way ahead than the rest of the pack. Keep tabs on his new and upcoming creations by Liking their Facebook page!

Best Sellers: Sapin-Sapin, Champorado, Mangga't Suman, Once In A Blue Moon (Blue Cheese Ice Cream), Cookie Dough, Chocoholics, Butter Pecan, Mango Sansrival, Salted Butter Caramel

Also Available: Chilly Burgers (homebaked cookies stuffed with ice cream, with special roll-ins and centers), Dive Bars (ice cream bars), Cold Pizzas (ice cream pizzas), Fruitsicle Ice Pops, Sorbets, Sugar Free Ice Cream

Prices: Best Sellers and Proudly Pinoy Flavors – P100/Single P180/Double P300/pint; Artisan (limited edition and super premium ingredients) – P125 to P145/serving; Sweet Freedom (sugar-free) –  P150/Single P270/Double P500/pint

Contact:, scooping stations at The Podium (4th floor), SM Mall of Asia (near IMAX exit, 2nd floor), Regis Center (Ground floor, Katipunan)

Orange rosemary

If you think you know ice cream, it's time you get to know Jack. Bonner Dytoc of Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream is corporate by day, and ice cream guy on weekends (and at heart). Expect delicious non-traditional flavors with Jack Frost nipping at your nose–well, tastebuds for this one. Have some of their fun flavors delivered to you, or get some of their ice cream at Lunchbox (Ronac Art Center) and at Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food (P. Guevarra, San Juan).

Best Sellers: WMD (wintermelon delight), Silky Amber (salted butter caramel), Basil, Morning Rush (coffee with candied bacon bits), Cheesecake(available in blueberry, strawberry and oreo) , Orange Rosemary, PBJ (peanut butter and jam)

Also Available: Almond Spice, Lemon Mint, Azuki Cha Cha, White Rock, Choco Glacier, Nuts & Roses

Prices: P200-P250/Pint, P700-P800/Half-gallons, P1,300-P1,500/Gallon

Contact:, (0918) 935-4716, For pick up in San Juan area, call 215-8874 or (0923) 100-3209.

Apple Saigon Cinnamon and Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Mark Isidro and his Kaptilolyo restaurant, Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts, serves exactly that: awesome sandwiches and delicious ice cream creations. In the business of artisan ice cream, his take on the matter is to offer made-from-scratch flavors, incorporating flavors sourced from exotic origins.

Best Sellers: Javan Hot Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Roasted Pecan

Also Available: Apple Saigon Cinnamon (apple pie), Banoreo (banana oreo), Chocolate on Chocolate, Walnut Road, Madagascar Crumble, Half-Baked Madagascar

Prices: P68/scoop,  P98/two scoops (selected flavors available in pint)

White Chocolate Black Truffle Ice Cream

Very few ice creams in the metro get a lot of love from truffle, so when Pinkerton Ice Cream started offering some of their flavors by the scoop at Atelier 317, it was no surprise they instantly gained a cult following. Alexandra Rocha's ice cream creations have evolved from being a humble little hobby to a seriously sweet business with a promise: no skimping policy all the way!

Best Sellers: Banana Nutella, Guava Basil, Red Velvet, Dulce de leche Sea Salt, Candied Maple Bacon

Also Available: Sorbet, Sherbet, Basic Flavors (Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Cafe au Lait, Cinnamon, Banana, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate), Organic Honey Line (eggless ice cream where organic honey and coco sugar are used as sweeteners)

Prices: P255-P305/Pint, P510-P610/Quart, P1,020-P1,220/Half Gallon; available by the scoop at the following restaurants: MU Noodle House, Cova, 2nds, Rue Bourbon, Last Chukker, Hai Chix and Steaks, Daude Tea Lounge, Atelier 317, Tinderbox, and Fresh Start

Contact:,, 955-3055

Brazilian coffee

If you want to taste the difference of homemade ice cream made from fresh milk straight from the artisan's own dairy farm, then you should have nothing but Carmen’s Best. Indulge in Paco Magsaysay's signature ice cream flavors, noted by many to be creamier and smoother. They also offer custom order flavors and can use coco sugar as substitute to suit your diet needs.

Best Sellers: Butter Pecan, Malted Milk, Salted Caramel, Brazilian Coffee

Also Available: Artisanal and custom order flavors (ex: Spanish Turron, Pear Picorino, Cookie Dough, Buttermilk, Maple Walnut)

Prices: P350-P380/Pint

Contact:, 809-2042, (0916) 623-5956, Pick up points at Alabang, Makati, Fort Bonifacio, Greenhills, Pasig, Quezon City, Manila, Paranaque, and Laguna

Sea Salt Caramel

What do you get when you have a homemade ice cream business that pushes only for the freshest non-Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) dairy and incorporates as much local ingredients as possible? Kelvin Ngo's Merry Moo Ice Cream. With non-UHT dairy in their premium ice cream, you are ensured to have the true flavors of the milk and cream–it retains its nutritional content, too. This food market favorite is also available in pints in the following establishments: DEC, Deli Master (San Juan), Echomarket (Serendra) and Centris.

Best Sellers: Classic flavors — Sea Salt Caramel, Earl Grey Tea, Coffee Kahlua, Candied Bacon

Also Available: Premium flavors — French Vanilla, Strawberry Basil, Honeycomb, Poprocks and Mallows, Horlicks, Milo, Strawberry Shortcake, Dark Chocolate, Butterscotch Pecan, Berry Trifle, Cookies and Brownies

Prices: Classic flavors – P70/scoop, P270/pint; Premium flavors – P75/scoop, P290/pint

Contact:, Available at SM Mall of Asia (2nd floor across Topshop), Food Choices Glorietta 4 (3rd floor beside Dulcelin), Midnight Mercato Night Market, Salcedo Saturday Market, Mezza Norte Night Market, Cucina Andare (Glorietta Park), Legazpi Sunday Market.

If the above creative ice cream rundown isn't enough to turn you into a contented cow, why not restaurant hop at these places to end your meals with one of a kind frozen delights?

Azuthai's Home-made Thai Tea Ice Cream

Chef Jay Gamboa's Thai restaurant not only offers savory home style Thai cuisine, but also serves Home-made Ice Cream (P125). Visit AzuThai in Makati and order ice cream flavors like Banana, Thai Tea, Coconut and Chocolate. One order gives you two scoops in a glass bowl; if you're a fan of their Thai Iced Tea, you'll love the ice cream version!

Baked Cheesecake Ice Cream

The establishment may be named The Cake Club, but don't be a fool to ignore their ice cream selection. Their cake-flavored ice cream concoctions might be right up your alley if you'd rather end your meal with a frozen dessert than a fluffy cake. Cake-inspired flavors such as Supermoist Chocolate Cake, Baked Cheesecake, and Genmaicha (Green Tea) can be ordered for P150 (two scoops).


Assorted homemade ice creams

Chef Joy de Leon's restaurants, Poco Deli and Epic Cafe, enjoy a solid following of foodies who love comfort food and a good cup of coffee. These two establishments are also go-tos for interesting homemade ice cream flavors! After chowing down on sausages and the famous Bacon Slab at Poco Deli, end your meal with ice cream flavors like Black Out, Gorgonzola Cheese, Pesto, Valrhona Chocolate, Red Wine, and Sea Salt Caramel. Or why not pair your Epic Cafe Lemon Cake with a scoop of artisanal Barako Ice Cream?


Where else do you get your creative ice cream fix? What are your favorite unusual flavors? Hit the comments to share your own fun frozen finds!

Craving for more ice cream and frozen dessert? Browse our Food & Drink section today for more cool selections around the metro.



[Additional images courtesy of the establishments' official websites and Facebook pages]


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