Chicken Run: Your Guide to Gobbling Metro Manila’s Fried Chicken Dishes

We love our chicken fried, twice fried, and even buffaloed. Craving for that crunch? Check out our rundown of where to get fried chicken all around the metro!

We Filipinos like our chicken, and one of the most common ways we often gobble this popular poultry is as fried chicken — make it fried, twice fried, and even buffalo winged. It's no wonder that many food lovers are chickenitarians, and restaurants across all budgets are quick to offer their versions of the crispy and juicy fried chicken.

So if you're a foodie who fancies fried fowl, keep this rundown handy for your next fried chicken feast. Here's a list of where to get fried chicken all around the Metro Manila

Popular Picks

When speaking of fried chicken, the usual suspects in the metro are definitely the fast food and fast casual brands. There's the Crispylicious, Juicylicious Jollibee
Chickenjoy and the finger lickin' good world-famous Original Recipe Chicken of KFC. Let's not forget Chicken McNuggets of McDonald's. The recent popularity of chicken burgers and sandwiches has seen foodies road test fried chicken fillets and patties in between bread in varying degrees of crisp and spice. Let us know where to get the best chicken sandwich in the comments section!

KFC stands for 'Kick-ass Fried Chicken'
Chicken McNuggets of McDonald's

Topping most lists for a fried chicken run is Pancake House with their Classic Pan Chicken which comes in two or three pieces (extra rice, anyone?). Another no fail pairing is Shakey's Pizza's Fried Chicken and Mojos combo, which you can order as a solo serving to as many as a party (twelve chicken pieces!). Army Navy also slays it in the fried chicken department with their Fearless Fried Chicken served with rice and pepper gravy. Pair it with their Freedom Fries and you have yourself a crispy, deep fried heaven.

Fried Chicken and Mojos of Shakey's Pizza
Fearless Fried Chicken of Army Navy

Korean (Twice-Fried)

Korean-style fried chicken is here to stay in Manila. The profile of the twice-fried chicken–its trademark of being crunchier and less greasy on the hands–can be enjoyed at Bonchon, Smoper Chicken, and 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken (SM North EDSA). Each restaurant serves up twice fried chicken in different sauces, crunch levels, and spice levels, so take your tasty pick!

BonChon Chicken
4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Taiwanese Style

More Asian flair with fried chicken can be enjoyed with Taiwanese style breaded chicken, popular in Taiwan street and night markets. Their take on the fried chicken, served as Chicken Chops, uses a lot of spice and has that unique peppery taste. Check out Big Daddy's Chicken for chicken chops in different flavors like nori, lemon, and plum. Serenitea, although known for being one of the first milk tea places in the metro, also serves excellent Chicken Chop! Pair it with your fave milk tea for a tasty afternoon treat.

Big Daddy's Chicken
Serenitiea's Chicken Chop

Local Flair

When one speaks of fried chicken in the Philippines, one cannot forget to mention Max's Restaurant, the house that fried chicken built in the 1940s. The restaurant has served generations, customers experiencing their own 'sarap to the bones' moments. Here's another old favorite: make your way into Chinatown to Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant for their famous gravy-less Sincerity Chicken. It may look like your average fried chicken, but expect a great mix of sweet, slightly salty, and slightly gingery flavors. Another chinoy invention and favorite is The Original Savory. The restaurant's special recipe for fried chicken and gravy, The Original SAVORY Chicken, has been pleasing palates since 1950!

Max's Fried Chicken, a House Specialty
Sincerity Chicken at Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant

Two fairly recent local fried chicken joints have enjoyed a strong following as well: Manang's Chicken and Chicken Charlie. Both offer value for money fried chicken, at a no-frills setting. Manang's Chicken is known for their double deep fried chicken so crisp laced with a special soy garlic sauce, while Chicken Charlie's non-greasy and transfat-free fried chicken has its own take on the soy garlic goodness. Take your crispy, juicy pick!

Manang's Chicken: “Ang bagong fried chicken ng Pinoy”
Chicken Charlie: twice-fried and freshly cooked as you order

More Chicken Goodness (plus good deals!)

Have some fried chicken fun at T.G.I. Friday's by ordering Chicken Fingers as appetizer. A best-seller, the hand-battered chicken tenders are golden fried and served with fries. Added treat: flash your Privileges on ClickTheCity App mobile coupon for P250 off your bill! Hankering for fried chicken while you're in Greenbelt? Head to Mr. Jones for a blue plate of their Honey-Drizzled Fried Chicken with Homemade Biscuits or their breakfast fare of "Big Boy" Fried Chicken & Waffles. Meanwhile, Stackers Burger Cafe offers pressure fried crispy chicken with their Chook Meals — a combo of Chicken & Rice or Chicken & Fries. Get your free Banana Walnut as a dessert while you're at it by flashing your Privileges mobile coupon!

Chicken Fingers from T.G.I. Friday's 
Chicken and Fries from Stackers Burger Cafe 

While Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken is known for their old recipe of the spicy grilled Peri Peri chicken, fried chicken fiends ought to try their Cornflaked Chicken Tendersyou can even have it for free if you use your Privileges on ClickTheCity App! For even more good food deals, gather the troops for a feast at Outback Steakhouse, and chow on the Chicken Fried Chicken lunch special, or the Kookabura Wings paired with bleu cheese and celery. Privilege users get P200 off on any entrée purchase at Outback in a single transaction!

Kookaburra Wings from Outback
Outback's Chicken Fried Chicken

Buffalo Wings

A subcategory of fried chicken are crispy, juicy, and tangy-hot buffalo wings. This deep fried American favorite originating in Buffalo, New York, is best eaten with your hands for a lip-smacking food trip. So ditch the utensils and attack the saucy fried chicken wings at Buffalo Wings n Things where you can alter the hotness to your taste, Red Buffalo Wings & Pizza where you can also indulge in pizzas and other Western dishes, Wingman in The Collective where you can choose among nine flavors, and Sunrise Buckets to add some sunshine to your wings with their surf themed restaurant. Want the flavors of buffalo wings minus the bones? Head on over to Bugsy's Bar and Bistro for their no-fail Buffalo Tenders. Enjoy it as bar chow to pair it with a cocktail or two after a long, winding day. Cheers!

Assorted flavors at Buffalo Wings n Things
Wings at Wingman
Buffalo Tenders of Bugsy's Bar & Bistro

Additional images courtesy of the restaurants' official websites and Facebook pages.


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