Nono’s Holiday 2019 Packages Will Lessen Your Holiday Stress

If you're seeking comfort this Christmas, Nono's may have some things for you in store!

With the Christmas season inching closer and closer, the hustle and bustle to organize everything (buying gifts, decorating the house, maybe book plane tickets etc.) is becoming more surreal and may be even stressful to some. Not to worry, Nono’s various packages for the holiday season this year aim to remind you of the real essence of the season: being cozy and happy with your loved ones. 

Starting with the Holiday Gift Sets (ideal for those who love everything all sweet!), you may choose from 3 options based on your own preference. Also, the gift boxes are reusable, which is very sustainable so we would lessen the amount of trash we’d make this season. 

Holiday Premium Gift Box (Php 1,595)

If you’re all out for the sugar rush, this just may suit you. This includes various favorites of the people, like the Almond Crunch (250g), Pinwheel Cookies, Chocolate Crunch Bites, and Sugar Cookie. There are also some new items such as the Almond Crunch Shortbread Cookies and Chocolate Peanut Brittle.

Image Source: Nono's

Holiday Deluxe Gift Box (Php 995)


In this one, you would get the Almond Crunch 250g and Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Covered Cornflakes and Russian Tea Cookies. The latter is a must-try!

Image Source: Nono's

Holiday Gift Bag (Php 595)

If you’re on a tighter budget, this one may give a very well glimpse of the bigger gift sets. Bag on these good snacks: Almond Crunch (100g), Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies, and Sugar Cookie.

Image Source: Nono's

Nono’s Gift Certificates

If you’re thinking a bit smaller, and maybe want the person you’re giving a gift to choose what they would want to get, settle on this choice! They range from Php 500 to Php 1000. 

All of these can be bought in all Nono’s branches.

Let’s keep getting sweet, and talk about Nono’s Holiday Cakes and Confections. Cakes are often anticipated in parties, so what can we get from Nono’s?

Well for this holiday, you can expect: the Red Velvet Cheesecake (Php 1,050), the White Chocolate Cheesecake (Php 1,150), the S’mores Tart (Php 725), the Double Chocolate Mousse (Php 895), and the Snow Cake (Php 695).

Top to Bottom (Clockwise): Red Velvet Cheesecake, Snow Cake, S'mores Tart, Double Chocolate Mousse, and White Chocolate Cheesecake (Image Source: Nono's) 

Aside from these specials, expect also your favorites such as Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion, Meline’s Chocolate Cake, Sylvia’s Strawberry Shortcake, Yema Sans Rival, Honey Crunch Cake, Mocha Sans Rival, and Lemon Torte.

As for their confection section, there are 3 must avail treats from their existing roster of treats. These would be: Food for the Gods, Pecan Crunch Muffin, and Ham and Cheese Turnover

All of these can be availed in all Nono’s branches.

Food for the Gods (Image Source: Nono's) 

Alright, let’s pause the sweetness and move forward to our savory palette! 

Having a heart-warming meal especially with your loved ones during this season is very important, so Nono's is offering Party Platters that can satisfy 8-10 people! All you gotta do is take a peek on their menu, from salads, fish, beef, chicken and pork entrees pasta and sandwiches, and order away your desired meal.

There are a few guidelines to follow when ordering and pick-up. One, if ordering 1-5 platters, give at minimum 5 hours to prepare after confirming. Second, when ordering on the date of your event, the cut off time is 3 pm. Third, when bulk ordering, please state in your orders 2 days in advance. Last, the store that you order from will help handle your order/s and give updates on when to pick-up, so no need to worry! 

Party Platter of Pan-roasted Sole with White Wine Sauce (Image Source: Nono's) 

If you're thinking a bit smaller, maybe just yourself or with a small group of companions, there is a great selection of Holiday Dishes to choose from whether you want to sit and dine in or to-go. There are 5 new offerings, the Kare-kare (Php 475), the Roasted Pork Belly (Php 495), Corned Beef with Mashed Potato (Php 495), Prawns Thermidor (Php 695) and Pork Belly Balsamic Adobo (Php 455). These are available in all branches except Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

Corned Beef with Mashed Potato (Image Source: Nono's)


Kare-Kare (Image Source: Nono's)

Nono's branches are located in, The Podium, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Three Central Makati, Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Festival Mall, Glorietta 2,  and UP Town Center. Two more branches are yet to open: High Street South and Robinsons Magnolia.

For more information and inquiries, you can check their social media platforms: their website and on Instagram and Facebook.

Got you craving? Come and stop by your nearest Nono's, where comfort and joy of the Christmas season is seeking out for you. 


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