10 Unique ‘Cakes’ That You Can Add To Your Holiday Spread

It's not always chiffon and cream.

The holiday season is that time of the year when going a little overboard with our table spreads is entirely acceptable, if not intentional. When it comes to holiday food, there’s always the usual suspects that we see: queso de bola, sweet ham, pasta of any kind (most of the time, it’s carbonara), roast pork, and your obligatory fruit salad and cake. But just because they are the common cast members doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up now and then. Like, what if you’re just OVER your regular cake?

Here are ten unique cakes for your holiday spread if you’re gunning to add something a little extraordinary to it.

1. Sushi Cake from Sushi Nori

Image: Sushi Nori

It sounds weird and maybe a bit borderline stomach-turning, but believe us when we say that this WORKS. The sushi cake from Sushi Nori includes everything you would normally see on this classic Japanese dish, except that everything is arranged to be in cake form. Rice is layered with ingredients like seaweed, cucumbers, tuna, and mango, with the cake topped with sashimi and vegetables depending on your flavor of choice. You can choose from four flavors—Classic (salmon, tuna, tamago, teriyaki sauce, cucumber, ebiko, wakame), Veggie (lettuce, carrots, Goma dressing, wakame, cucumber, mango, edamame, white and black sesame seeds), Spicy (salmon, tuna, tamago, kani, spicy mayo, tongarashi, furikake, wakame, tempura flakes) and Pink (oboro, tamago, Japanese mayo, tanoki, kani, teriyaki sauce, salmon roses). Each cake can be sliced to six.

2. Truffle Caviar Pie from Aperitif

Image: Aperitif

Here’s a luxurious treat that’s so pretty, it can be holiday table centerpiece. Aperitif’s Truffle Caviar Pie is the perfect savory treat that will add a luxurious touch to your buffet with its 24k gold leaf, salmon rosettes, and a generous smattering of caviar. It’s eons away from the usual chiffon and cream cakes we often feast on during the holidays, but the wonderful combination of flavors there makes it the perfect pair with cocktails and wine. This pretty pie also comes packaged in a luxe-looking matte black and gold box so it’s the perfect gift to bring along to a potluck party.

3. Hefty Hunk Cookie Cake from Happy Pill Desserts

Image: Happy Pill Desserts

This one’s a little bit questionable if you are a believer that cakes need to be made of chiffon and cream layers, but hey, if Happy Pill Desserts calls this a cake, then IT IS a cake. The Hefty Hunk Cookie Cake is exactly how you would expect it from its name—it’s made of layers of gigantic cookies piled on top of each other with drip chocolate on top and a smattering of various kinds of chocolates as toppings. It’s perfect if you have a sweet tooth but want something with a little less saccharine cream. Plus, it looks so pretty!

You can send your inquiries at happypill2013@gmail.com.

4. Ube Leche Flan Cake from Anghelica's Desserts

Image: Anghelica's Desserts

Here’s a cake that combines some of the best sweets in Philippine cuisine. Anghelica's Desserts does god’s work with its Ube Leche Flan cake, a glorious creation that combines the creaminess of leche flan with the unique flavors of ube. The cake is made of three layers—the leche flan syrup as a base, ube chiffon as the middle layer, and the leche flan topping everything off. The softness of the flan offers the perfect contrast with the more solid mouth-feel of the chiffon layer, and the pool of sweet syrup at the bottom makes everything so much better.

You may send your inquiries to their Facebook page.

5. Taiwan Sponge Cake from Original Cake

Image: Original Cake

Want something sweet to end your Noche Buena, but don’t want anything too heavy on the stomach? Then sponge cakes like the one from Taiwan’s infamous Original Cake are your best bet. The popular chain was an instant hit when it finally opened a franchise here this year with hordes of people lining up to get a taste of the fluffy and light cakes. This affordable treat is like the bare bones of the classic icing-laden sweets we’re all used to. The Original variety doesn’t come with any icing at all while the Golden Cheese Cake flavor only has two layers of cheese filling and a sprinkling of cheese powder on top. Original Cake is also offering a chocolate version which is the perfect combo of sweet and bitter.

6. Ice Cream Cake from Bake & Churn

Image: Bake & Churn

What’s better than having dessert? Having TWO desserts, of course. Bake & Churn’s ice cream cakes are the perfect treat if you can’t choose between the two with its wide variety of flavors and cake types. Each cake is made with alternating layers of chiffon and ice cream, so you don’t have to worry about overwhelming your palate with thick clumps of icing if you feel like you're done with eating regular cakes. Choose from their classic and premium flavors, ice cream logs, and dome cakes when you drop by their mall kiosks. Oh, and make sure to finish them F-A-S-T before they melt!

7. Cheese Plate Cheesecake from The Flour Girl

Image: The Flour Girl

This wildly creative Cheese Plate Cheesecake from The Flour Girl is a dream come true for anyone who prefers savory over sweet treats. This creation is a dessert and a cheese spread rolled in one with its queso de bola cheesecake base that’s topped with five cheese varieties like gouda and brie, dried fruits, nuts, and a jar of truffle honey. With this beauty, you can quickly transition from dessert to wine without a hitch.

8. Pull Apart Cookie Cake from the Cookie Bar

Image: Cookie Bar

This one's a bit different from The Happy Pill Dessert's cookie cake since this 'cake' doesn't have layers, it has 'parts'. It's made from separate pieces of cookies arranged to form a cake that's topped with frosting and an assortment of other sweets. Their easy pull-apart design makes them the perfect treat for those who don't want to bother with cake-cutting—or when, you know, you want to easily pinpoint those going for more than just one serving. 

9. Egg Sponge Cake from Ah Mah

Image: Ah Mah

Another egg sponge cake on the list, this one from Singapore brand Ah Mah is a cake that's reminiscent of our local 'mamon' with its subtle flavor and consistency. It's the ideal after-meal dessert if you're just looking for something that can wash your palate after a round of oily food because of its light taste and mouth feel. Try their Ube and Pandan flavors if you want a little bit of extra flavor on your slice.

10.   Fruit Cake from Sugarhouse 

Image: Sugarhouse

You can't really call it a true-blue  Christmas spread without the iconic fruit cake. A deviation from the usual icing-laden variety of cakes, the Fruit Cake from Sugarhouse is a great treat for those who like their dessert with multiple layers of flavors. There's the crunch you get from the sprinkling of nuts, the sweetness from the candied fruit, and the special punch you get from the alcohol mixed there. Order a loaf or two of these for your celebration so you won't get 'bitin.'


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