Prost & Mahlzeit!: Celebrate at Prost Braumeister

Oktoberfest may be over, but the zeal for food never ceases. Keep celebrating life and toast to more good times at this Fort restaurant.

October and Oktoberfest may be over, but the zeal for food never ceases.  And what better way to keep celebrating life and great friendships, than to eat and drink with good company at some place with good food and an even greater ambiance? Prost Braumeister in BGC offers exactly that.

Prost Braumeister located at Fort Pointe II at The Fort Complex

Prost Braumeister is owned by a circle of friends, namely, Dom Hernandez, Stefania Zanirato, Marc von Grabowski, and Sam Milby (yes, the actor/singer).  They had their grand opening last August. Prost is located at the Ground Floor of the Fort Pointe Two Building, just across the street from the fountain area of Bonifacio High Street Central. The area is commonly known as Fort Strip, where you can also find Fitness First.

Prost and Mahlzeit!

The establishment has a German beer hall vibe: high ceiling adorned with chandeliers, and its interior a combination wood and modern furniture. It’s spacious enough to accommodate all your friends and officemates for a nice dinner and some drinks. The bar offers several brands of imported German beer for your consumption pleasure. The draft beer equipment was still being delivered from Germany as of writing, but according to one of the owners, it should be up and running in the near future. Aside from the traditional beer from Germany, Prost also offers other types of drinks at the bar for those who prefer variety, such as a range of wines for those who like to pair their meals with a glass of red or white.



Thirsty? Here are some choices for you.

They have a pretty nifty drink menu made out of wood. It’s pretty catchy and offers a well rounded drinks selection. Both the beverage and food menu have been carefully created so that they complement each other.  I poked around the list and saw an old friend of mine, the Paulaner beer (P280 – 550ml bottle). I figured that would be a good way to start the evening, so I requested for it.  Apparently, the Oktoberfest is not over for me yet!

The drink list

Imported from Germany

Germans are known for their sausages, meaty dishes, lederhosen, and Prost Braumeister has most of the favorites on their menu to satisfy your sausage and meat requirements (sans the lederhosen).  We started off with the Frankfurter platter (P320), which comes with sausages, traditional sauerkraut, and a choice of potato salad, fries, or mashed potato.  We went ahead with the mashed potatoes, while one of the other dishes for that day had a serving of boiled potatoes.

Frankfurter platter

'All has an end, except the sausage has two…'  words from an old German song I remember

The next dish that was delivered was a pizza. It is obviously not traditionally a German dish, but it goes excellent with the drinks. This specialty pizza is a vegetarian pizza that provides a choice for those who want less meat in their diet.  The Flammkuchen (P510) is made out of spinach, artichoke, and truffle cream.

Vegetarian Pizza (Flammkuchen)

Thin crust, bite size pieces

I asked Don and Stefania regarding some items on the menu since I noticed that they aren’t really traditional German dishes. They let me know that some of the dishes are designed to fit the local taste buds, just like the Mini Reuben Spring Rolls (P260).  But they do have lots dishes that lean more on the traditional side, such as the Goulash Suppe (P220).  Made out of bratwurst and spicy chicken sausage, it was one of my favorites for the night. I love soups! This was a bit spicy, and there were plenty of sausage pieces waiting to be scooped up by my spoon. Looks were also deceiving, as the bowl surprisingly had quite a lot of soup in it and was satisfyingly filling.

Goulash Suppe  servied with bread

Another dish that I enjoyed personally was the Corned Beef Brisket (Tafelspitz, P480) as the meat was very soft and tasty. The dish consisted of a large, thick slab of corned beef, boiled baby potatoes, and cabbage. It also had a white horseradish sauce that in combination with the corned beef gave you a full-flavored experience.

Tafelspitz (Corned Beef Brisket ) and potatoes

Sized for sharing

Prost Braumeister offers its customers a great ambiance coupled with food and drinks that are designed to provide you with a celebratory dining experience.  It’s one of those places that you can take friends, family, and co-workers to, and simply enjoy a good meal and drinks with them. At Prost, it’s always time to relax, sit back, and heartily say Prost! and Mahlzeit! to one other.


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