Buenos Dias! Spanish Resto Las Flores Releases New Breakfast Menu

For Spanish cuisine foodies, here's something to brighten up your mornings!

Looking for a Spanish fix to spice up your mornings? At Las Flores, the breakfast menu ranges from sweet and savory and a luxurious Castillian spread best savored with a cup of café.

If you want something light, try the Spinach Salad (withquail eggs,  caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, and pages bread).

Eggs are essential elements of a Spanish breakfast and Las Flores offers three kinds: the traditional Spanish Omelette (topped with jamon and served with pages bread), Shrimp  (served with greens and bread), and the vegetarian-friendly Scrambled Eggs (mushrooms, veggies, a salad on the side).

Spanish Omelette

For heartier choices, ask for the Spanish Croque Monsieur, so you could delight in pages bread, shitake mushrooms, manchego cheese, and jamon serrano.   You could also take the green route with Salmon & Avo Toast, a veggie-based breakfast that includes pages bread, shitake and button mushrooms, arugula, and red radish.

Spanish Croque Monsieur
Salmon & Avo Toast

In the mood for something heartier? Here’s a heads up! Order Callos and enjoy this stew of beef tripe with garlic rice and pages bread. Or if you’re having an early morning meet-up with family or friends, share the Iberico Platter—a feast consisting jamon shoulder, fuet, manchego cheese, grapes, and walnuts, served with pages bread and tomato. Then there’s the Las Flores Breakfast platter, a rich combination of tender butifarra, pork loin, egg, French fries, green bell pepper, baked tomato and pages bread.

Callos with Garlic Rice
Las Flores Breakfast

Another choice and one which most of us are familiar with is the American Breakfast which includes pancake, bacon, sausages, toasted pan de mie and comes with butter and the  homemade jam. 

Other options are Frutas Frescas that is a luscious combination of green and red apples, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, and mangoes; and Coffee Break, a mix  of house breads such as toasted pan de mie, croissant, pain au chocolat, with butter and homemade jam. You can also start the day with something sweet, like  the Las Flores Churros served with a warm chocolate dip.

Frutas Frescas
Las Flores Churros

Liven up these dishes with breakfast beverages (coffee, tea, fresh juices, and mocktails).

Give in to your Spanish cravings and sit down at Las Flores for breakfast. It has everything you’ve ever dreamed of waking up to.

For more information, visit Las Flores on Facebook and Instagram. You may also book a table through this link.


Las Flores BGC is  G/F One Mckinley Place 25th Street corner 4th Avenue BGC, Taguig City and at the  G/F The Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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