Mondays Made Happier with Brothers Burger’s Buy 1, Take 1 Promo

Got pep and school spirit in you?

It's not a lie to say that we've complained about Mondays and how easily it gets us lazy and unmotivated. Given that it is the first workday after the weekend, a period of rest for most of us, getting back on the grind makes us tired just thinking about it.

Luckily, Brothers Burgers has a promo that lifts our peppy spirits back up!

Image Source: Brothers Burgers

This promo is a Buy 1, Take 1 Burger that only applies to their Classic Brothers Burger. The rules in order to avail it is quite simple. All you have to do is get the attention for the cashier in any branch you go to, smile, clap 3 times and shout the name of your favorite school/school team. Impress them, and voila, you get your free burger!

Keep in mind again that this is available on Mondays.

Image Source: Brothers Burgers

For more information and updates, you can check Brothers Burger on Facebook.



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