8 Restaurants for Beginner Health Buffs around Metro Manila

Why not start a new chapter of conscious health in your lives with these delicious and healthy restaurants for your next meal?

We know how easy and tempting it is to succumb to those yummy, but fatty and oily dishes in order to satisfy those strong cravings. However, there’s no denying that we can’t live on fast food and grease forever. Vegetables and fruits, served with the perfect recipe, might just actually be your next favorite.

For those who are just starting out to be health-conscious and looking for some food spots where they can munch down on some greens and beans, these restaurants are the perfect fit for you. Combine these restos before or after your workout session, and you’re sure to get your health on top condition.

1. Green Bar Makati

Image: The Green Bar Makati Facebook

If you’re looking for the best a healthy diet has to offer, Green Bar Makati shows you that there’s no loss of flavor and scrumptiousness even when the meal’s all organic and plant-based. From cheesesteaks to tacos and even desserts, this restaurant makes sure that everything is vegan, as they replace the meat with soy, nut, or grain-based alternatives. With how delicious and accurate it’s made, you’ll feel like it’s just another slab of meat, except this time, it’s at its healthiest. Added to this, this vegan restaurant advocates for environmentalism, and encourages people by enjoying their fine dishes.

Recommended dishes: Philly Cheesesteak (P300), Cheesy Mac Cracklyn Burrito (P300), Lemon Meringue Cupcake (P80)

2. Hillcrest Cafe

Image: Hillcrest Cafe Facebook

This cafe is perfect for millennials and young professionals on the go. It’s a small and quaint restaurant with soothing and homey interiors, great for starting off your day. Other than your usual serving of coffee in the morning, it’s got a great selection for healthy breakfast meals. Enjoy the famous silogs with brown rice and a salad for a side dish. Cap off your meal with their wide variety of healthy smoothies made of mixed fruits to boost your energy for the rest of the day. If you’re in the mood for dessert, Hillcrest Cafe also has many fruity pastries to choose from.

Recommended dishes: Herb Chicken (P220), Seared Tuna (P240), Pastrami on Rice (P260)

3. Pipino

Image: Pipino Facebook

The best thing about Pipino is that it serves all your familiar favorites but as a vegetarian meal. It’s a restaurant where vegans and non-vegans meet to enjoy a delicious and fancy dish. Pipino specializes in Filipino meals that make use of vegetables and fruits only. Just looking at the menu is enough to make your mouth water, and it’s certain that you’ll be enjoying the great taste of Filipino food, like Pochero, Kare-Kare, Sisig, and more. Pipino is also known for its delicious, healthy desserts, best for adding a sweet finish to your meal.

Recommended dishes: Callos (P195), Black Bean Burger (P275), Buffalo Cauliflower Wings (P245)

4. Berde

Image: Berde Facebook

Adding creativity to your healthy meal of the day, Berde Bowls puts a unique spin on health and Filipino cuisine by turning them into a quick rice bowl that can be enjoyed for a steady lunch or dinner, or taken out if you’re in a rush. The best part is that you have the option to customize your own bowl from a selection of bases, proteins, veggies, toppings, and sauces. Their signature bowls are also a must-try, as each one serves a distinct Filipino taste that will remind you of home.

Recommended dishes: Baboy Oh Baboy (P180-P290), Baka Bowl (P210-P380), Build Your Own Bowl (P150-P380)

5. Ono Poke PH

Image: Ono Poke Facebook

For your Japanese cravings, Ono Poke Bowls remind you that healthiness can be synonymous with deliciousness. These poke bowls feature a choice of tuna, salmon, or shrimp mixed with Japanese flavors and spices. There’s also an option to customize your own bowl, but their signature bowls make for the best healthy and completely filling meal for the day. If you’re feeling extra hungry, go wild on the toppings and ask for extra. You’re sure to satisfy your cravings, while still staying on top of your health.

Recommended dishes: Shoyu Tuna Bowl (P250 – P350), Spicy Tuna Crunch Bowl (P250 – P350), Crazy Kani Bowl (P150 – P250)

6. The Good Seed

Image: The Good Seed Facebook

In this minimalistic and simple restaurant is a food haven for vegetarians and a gateway for meat-lovers to realize that vegetables are just as delicious and even better than the usually greasy, fast food. With its touch for fine dining, The Good Sees serves you Filipino favorites with mushrooms as a replacement for meat. There’s a selection of pasta and salad that would make you keep coming back for more. You can also find healthy snacks to bring home such as lentil crackers and cassava chips, great for bringing home that new-found healthy habit.

Recommended dishes: Mushroom Tapa (P320), Black Olive and Basil Pesto (P330), Three-Cheese Keto Pizza (P350)

7. Medley Modern Mediterranean

Image: Medley Modern Mediterranean Facebook

As a young concept restaurant, Medley explores the flavors of the Mediterannean with rice bowls, sandwiches, and pizzas. Each dish is served fresh and assembled upon order and is perfect for a quick lunch in the middle of a busy workday. With all the spice and flavor in each dish, you’re sure to fill your stomach up to peak satisfaction. Most of their flavors are unique, with a Turkish twist to different kinds of meat and herbs. It’s with restaurants like Medley that eating healthier has become easier and a big treat to hungry stomachs.

Recommended dishes: Levantine Chicken Bowl (P259), Garden Medley Pizza (P249), Falafel Sandwich (P189)

8. Lucy in the Sky Cafe

Image: Lucy in the Sky Cafe Facebook

Doubling as an art space, Lucy in the Sky is a cafe with quirky and colorful interiors that make for a fun experience along with healthy, vegetarian meals. The restaurant makes it a point to show that being healthy isn’t all about eating salads only, rather it’s a mix of creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen that can make their vegan meals so delicious. Along with its affordable prices, it’s a great place to relax and catch up with friends over some healthy dishes, drinks, and desserts.

Recommended dishes: Longganisa with rice (P195), Palabok (P195), The Scream Chocolate Cake (P145)


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