Porky Power: Bagneto Saves The Day with Affordable Bagnet Meals

Addicted to that porky crunch? Meet this super pig in his headquarters at Malingap Street for affordable bagnet meals that keep carnivorous bellies happy.

Meet Bagneto.

Sometimes, you just have to give in to indulgent, 'evil' comfort food cravings. This joint in Malingap's Z Compound will make you root for the Pinoy bad boy of pork–bagnet. Bagneto currently offers five kinds of bagnet meals, all pocket-friendly, priced below P150 each.

The most basic meal is Bagnet with Rice (P109), and comes with two sauces for your dipping pleasure–sweet gravy sauce and vinegar–to cut the fat in every bite.

Bagnet with Rice

'Bagnet-ifying' Filipino dishes, this stall in Z Compound also serves spicy Bicol Express (P129), Kare Kare (P129), and Binagoongan (P129). The rice meals are placed on a plate, with its rice adorably molded like a bowl, housing the thick pieces of bagnet.

Bicol Express
Kare Kare

Bagneto also has their version of the Sisig (P129) that's so simple yet awesome, it's a wonder why more places aren't offering a sisig version of the bagnet (I may even prefer it now over the traditional sisig). It seems like the best kind of pork to create as sisig, already meaty and crunchy and flavorful on its own. To have bagnet as small sizzling bits of sisig is a party in your mouth (and an order of extra rice on your plate).


Owner Raz Resuena shares that bagnet was his favorite food trip back in college, and eventually his love for this crispy Pinoy pork favorite, hailing originally from Ilocos, became a food business when there was an opportunity to open shop in the Z Compound. Although not Ilocano himself, his fondness for this dish made him formulate his own take on the bagnet–he wants that with every bite of a bagnet in Bagneto, customers experience crunchy skin, equal amount of melt in your mouth fat, and hearty, meaty goodness of pork.

According to him, they are rolling out even more bagnet rice meals and a bagnet sandwich (!), so watch out for those in a month or so. There's a growing demand, too, to have Bagneto sell their bagnet in frozen packs, and looks like that will be happening very soon as well. Clearly, this mighty superpig is dishing out delicious bad boys making many hungry bellies full and happy.

Thank you, Bagneto, for saving their day.

Follow Bagneto's adventures on Instagram (@bagneto). E-mail Bagneto at bagnetoph@ymail.com


Beatriz Acosta

Beatriz Acosta

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