Holidays made sweeter with llaollao’s Holiday Favorites

Sugar rush, here we go.

With the holiday season, sweetness overload who? She doesn't exist. It is the season where we indulge ourselves with sweet treats (with moderation, of course). No guilt, all pleasure. With that, llao llao aims to please just like that.

According to their Facebook, two holiday flavors will make their comeback. 

Source: llaollao Philippines

First is a sweet-crunchy option, which is the Toffeenut Holiday Sanum. This is topped with muesli, almond brittle, lotus caramelized biscuit, milk candy sauce and nocilla sauce (similar to Nutella).

The second option incorporates a natural sweetness from the soft banana fruit to mesh with the crunchy ingredients, which is the Banoffee Sanum with crushed oreo, almond brittle, black chocolate sauce, milk candy sauce, and lotus caramelized biscuit.

Don't forget that if the cup option isn't the only way to enjoy this. There are also the cookie cones that you can still personalize to your taste.

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