8 Unusual Food Combinations Pinoys Enjoy

Chocolate porridge with salted fish? Yum!

Our last article about the Balut (fertilized duck egg), Tilapia Ice Cream, Siling Labuyo Leche Flan, and Civet Cat Poop Coffee made it clear that the Philippines is no stranger to weird and exotic fare. To further stress this point, we've come up with a new confessional about our questionable eating habits.

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In this article, we've listed down some unusual food combinations most Filipinos are familiar of. Some of these are strange (even gross) in theory, but trust our daredevil tastebuds, they are all surprisingly great.

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Champorado with tuyo
If Goldilocks visited a Pinoy bear family's house, the story would definitely involve chocolate porridge and a piece or two of salted fish. We bet she'd enjoy it better this way, too.

Ice cream with bread
Thank you, Manong Sorbetero, for introducing us to the beauty of eating sorbetes-filled monay. 

Fries dipped in sundae
Because ice cream > ketchup. Always.

Pancit / spaghetti as ulam for rice
The epitome of carbo-loading, ubiquitous in fiestas and your kapitbahay's birthday party.

Margarine + rice
If the TV ads were to be believed, 90s kids, literally, grew up eating this. 

Rice + powdered Milo
For the love of rice and all things sweet.

Rice + coffee
Pinoys, especially Batanguenos, love coffee so much; they pour it like soup on their steaming plain rice.

Sarsi with Raw Egg
Would you believe that back in the 80s, this was deemed a healthy drink? It's supposed to be good for bodybuilders and athletes.

Which of these weird eating habits are you guilty of? Can you add more to the list?


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