8 Restaurants to Visit to Satisfy Your Sinigang Cravings

Come home to the familiar taste of the Philippines’ most beloved soup by exploring these restaurants’ very own Sinigang recipes.

As Filipinos, we all know and love the very popular Sinigang, a dish that each family household has had their good share of over the years.  With it being a notorious Filipino favorite, many restaurants never fail to come up with their own recipe, and we can’t deny that even with all those home cooked meals, no one can go wrong with another kind of Sinigang flavor fest. 

Truth be told, there will always be a day when we’re just craving for that sour and savory soup that reminds us of home, a dish that’s both a mix of hunger satisfaction and a calming comfort food. Check out these Filipino restaurants to try their version of the popular Sinigang.

1. Kimchinigang at Locavore

Image: Locavore Facebook

At Locavore, our very own Filipino cuisine is mixed and matched with various international cuisines. With each dish bursting with color, from the healthy greens to the tender brown and red of different meats and sauces, customers are in for a rollercoaster of flavors. All dishes are served with an interesting twist, something that tells you that these meals were cooked with precise creativity and skill. Locavore’s version of Sinigang mixes the traditional ingredients with the Korean kimchi, making it more spicy, healthy, and exciting to share.

2. Asimbull at Bullchef

Image: Bullchef Facebook

If you’re hungry and ready to stuff yourself with a little more than just the right amount of meat and vegetables, Bullchef’s version of Sinigang, called the Asimbull, is bound to satisfy your cravings. The slow-cooked beef shank is always massive, its juicy fat mixing into the sour broth and vegetables, making it thicker and more savory. Order these with a couple of cups of rice, and you’re sure to be on the edge of a food coma.

3. Sinigang na Lechon with Strawberry at Empacho

Image: Empacho Facebook

With dishes that replicate the epitome of a Filipino family’s lunch gathering, but with a more classy touch, Empacho serves mouth-watering recipes of our familiar favorites, such as pork belly, kare-kare, and tokwa’t baboy. Their Sinigang recipe stays very close to home, albeit a small twist, – strawberries. These little red fruits are sliced and added to the tangy mix of flavors, adding a sweet smack to the flavor.

4. Sinigang na Hipon sa Sampalok at Corazon

Image: Corazon Website

Surely to become a favorite among those who enjoy their Sinigang to be as sour as it can be, Corazon serves its Sinigang not only with the usual tamarind base but with a handful of green mango slices. Their Sinigang is also served with savory shrimp, with one bite a burst of flavor. With the double dose of acidity and the juicy shrimp meat, Corazon is someplace you and your family will be coming back to.

5. Sinigang Salmon Belly at Wooden Spoon

Image: Wooden Spoon Facebook

Wooden Spoon is a restaurant that recreates the same atmosphere of stepping into your grandparents’ house. Because of this, their dishes have the most distinct and authentic traditional Filipino favors. The restaurant actually has many versions of Sinigang, but we recommend the Sinigang Salmon Belly for a different texture. It keeps the usual sourness, but with a more smooth and light flow, something that’s got all the elements of comfort food.

6. Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso at Romulo Cafe 

Image: Romulo Cafe Facebook

If you’re going for a healthier version of Sinigang, Romulo Cafe is an elegantly-styled restaurant that serves their version of Sinigang called Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso. The most striking feature of this dish is its pop of color, – the mix of the eggplant, gabi, and kangkong leaves makes for an appetizing treat for the eyes. Then once you get a taste of it, the light but sour flavors along with the soft textures of the salmon is absolutely refreshing. 

7. Wagyu Beef Sinigang at Neil’s Kitchen

Image: Neil's Kitchen Facebook

Among the overwhelming selection of dishes and delicacies found in Neil’s Kitchen, make sure you don’t miss out on their Sinigang, one of which is cooked with wagyu beef. Interestingly enough, it's served in the style of a gyudon, with the broth served on the side. The wagyu is accompanied by white rice, crispy kangkong, tomatoes, and other traditional ingredients of Sinigang. Pour the broth all over, and you’ve got yourself a sinigang that’s out of the ordinary!

8. Korobuta Sinigang at Mamou

Image: Mamou Facebook

Another unique twist to Sinigang comes from Mamou, a restaurant well known for serving big and juicy steaks. Their Sinigang, however, takes the usual recipe up a notch by using Kurobuta (Japanese black pig) meat, stewed in the usual sampaloc broth and mixture of vegetables. The broth becomes a distinct shade of orange as it gets thicker. Surprisingly enough, its strong flavor works best when combined with bagoong! 


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