Paella in Manila: 12 Restaurants for Your Spanish Rice Cravings

Filipinos revere rice and love Spanish cuisine, so it's easy for us to adore the Paella. Spain's festive and colorful dish, bursting with flavors in every rice morsel and topping, is best served hot on a paellera pan and also a perfect feast to share. Craving for some? Here's our list of 12 places for your many kinds of traditional and modern paella fix.

Filipinos revere rice and love Spanish cuisine, so it's easy for us to adore the Paella. Spain's festive and colorful dish is bursting with flavors in every rice morsel and topping; it is best served hot on a paellera pan and also a perfect feast to share, making it a staple in many festive events and gatherings.

Chef J. Luis Gonzalez preparing appetizers and paella at ArroZeria

Paella, (pronounced as 'pie-ey-a') traces it origins to Valencia, Spain. It is a main course of rice simmered in flavorful broth combined with meat and vegetables making it a complete meal on its own — starch, protein, and greens. The key to a perfect pan of paella is the kind of rice used, the stock in which to simmer the rice, and good quality of ingredients (meat/seafood) as topping. Slow-cooking is important, hence paella orders in restaurants usually take quite some time. The most common paellas that are easily found in most Spanish restaurants' menus are the traditional valenciana (and its many modern interpretations) with chicken and seafood, the squid-ink negra with its trademark black rice, and marisco/marinera or seafood paella. Another offshoot from paella is slowly becoming more recognized locally– the fideua, a 'pasta paella' where short and thin vermicelli-like noodles replace rice.

Paella is traditionally served straight from the paellera pan where it is cooked

Craving for spoonfuls of that flavorful Spanish-style rice? Here's our list of 12 places for your many kinds of traditional and modern paella fix in the metro.


Photo from ArroZeria

1. ArroZeria


Century City Mall, Makati

FB: /arrozeriamnl | IG and Twitter: @arrozeriamnl

As its name suggests, rice is the hero at this Spanish restaurant specializing in paella. Paella at ArroZeria can be served in two consistencies: al dente and thin, or soft and wet. Traditionally, it is consumed the former in Spain, while locally (and as well as in other Asian versions), we partake of paella in a softer and wetter consistency.


  • De Verduras (P275 – Seasonal vegetables)
  • Valenciana (P295 – Chicken, rosemary, green and white beans)
  • Abanda (P395 – Boneless fish and seafoods)
  • DelSenorito (P395 – Boneless chicken and peeled seafoods)
  • Pato y Setas (P325 – Duck and mushrooms)
  • Caldoso (Soupy paella) De Cangrejo (P275 – Crab and snowpeas)
  • Meloso (Saucy paella) in Cerdo Adobado y Boletus (P375 – marinated pork with porcini), Rossejat (P395 – chickpeas, beef shank, chorizo and pork knuckles), Marinero (P375 -fish and squid) and Carrilleras Estofadas (P450 – stewed beef cheeks)
  • Paella of the Day (P275 – readily available, less waiting time)

Preparation time: 30-45 mins for Caldoso, Meloso, and Paella. Servings are priced per person. Signature paellas are also available to go, call 974-4742 in advance to inquire on availability/pre-order, and have them ready for takeout.


Photo from Alba Restaurante Español Facebook

2. Alba Restaurante Español

Bel-Air, Tomas Morato, Alabang, and MOA Complex | FB: /alba.restaurante.espanol

Serving Manila since the 1950s, it is one of the oldest Spanish restaurants in the metro. It's also a goldmine of paella, boasting of 18 varieties in their menu from classic flavors to new ones.


  • House Specialties: Paella Valenciana (P490), Paella Marinera (P530), Paella de Bacalao (P690), Paella Negra (P550, and Paella de Cordero (P590 – Lamb paella)
  • Paella de Gambas (P530 – shrimps & vegetables)
  • Paella de Langostinos (P570 – prawns)                 
  • Paella de Cangrejos (P550 – crabmeat)                  
  • Paella de Verduras (P450 – vegetables in season)
  • Paella Verde (P450 – green vegetables)                 
  • Paella con Setas y Pesto (P450 – button mushrooms and pesto sauce)        
  • Paella Filipino (P490 – sisig & cochinillo)                 
  • Paella con Tuhod y Batoc (P490 – stewed ox-kneecap and chuck)                
  • Paella y Parillada (P500 – grilled meats, seafood & vegetables)    
  • Paella de Pollo Finas Hierbas (P490 – chicken with fine herbs)      
  • Paella de Pato (P550 – duck)                 

Paella serving is good for 2-3 persons, allow 30 minutes cooking time. Spanish lunch buffet and dinner buffet with paella available.


Photo from Las Flores Facebook

3. Las Flores

One Mckinley Place, BGC | FB: / | IG: @lasfloresph

A favorite haunt of mestizos and the posh who crave for tapas and modern Spanish and Basque fare, this popular BGC restaurant always recieves a great dinner, tapas, and sangria crowd.


  • Paella de Marisco (P545 – seafood)
  • Paella Negra (P495 – black rice with squid)
  • Paella de Chorizo (P725 – assorted chorizos with aioli sauce)
  • Paella de Pollo Rustidocon Verduras (P495 – vegetables and mushroom)
  • Paella de Marisco do Barcelona* (P1,895 – octopus, scallops, prawns, clams, and mussels)
  • Paella Negra do Barcelona* (P1,895 – octopus, scallops, prawns, clams, mussels, katsuoboshi flakes, and aioli sauce)

*Good for 4 persons


Photo from Casa Armas website

4. Casa Armas Tapas Bar Y Restaurante

Greenbelt, Makati | FB: /officialCasaArmas

Another authentic Spanish restaurant that stood the test of time is Casa Armas, founded by the late Señor Jesus Armas as delicious homage to his home country. The usual stars of feasts in this restaurant are the cochinillo (roast suckling pig) and of course, a big pan of their best-selling paella.


  • Paella Valenciana (P1,050/P695  – pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables)
  • Paella Marinera (P1,295/P795 – seafood)
  • Paella Negra (P975/P635 – squid ink black paella)
  • Paella Verdura (P790/P450 – vegetables)
  • Paella Y Parilladas (P975 – grilled prawns, chicken breast, porkloin, button mushroom, and asparagus)


Photo fromTapella Facebook

5. Tapella

Greenbelt, Makati

FB: /Tapellarestobar | IG and Twitter: @tapellarestobar

This Spanish resto bar located in Greenbelt 5's ground level is popular for their tapas and pintxos selection best paired with their lineup of wine, sangria and cocktails. For bigger cravings and bigger groups of people dining, their paella is recommended as every order is good for sharing.


  • Arroz Sobrassada (P350 – Spanish chorizo with fine herb sauce)
  • Paella de Cocido (P400 – cocido paella)
  • Arroz a la Valenciana (P450 – chicken and vegetables, the Valencia way)
  • Paella de Cordero (P495 – lamb and shiitake mushroom)
  • Paella de Marisco (P600 – seafood)
  • Arroz Manchego (P675 – chicken, asparagus, shrimp and Manchego cheese)
  • Paella Negra (P595 – black paella)

Paella is good for 2-3 persons.


Photo from La Tienda website

6. La Tienda

Bel-Air, Makati | FB: /latiendarestaurant | IG @latiendaph

Makati seems to be a favorite city for Spanish restaurants, as yet another paella place in this lineup is located in Bel-Air, another popular neighborhood filled with food concepts. This old favorite, established in the eighties, presents Spain in many plates, bottles, and paelleras.


  • Paella Mixta de La Tienda (P675 – chicken, pork, Spanish sausage, seafood)
  • Paella de Verduras (P595 – artichoke, green peas, green beans, red or green pepper)
  • Paella de Adobo (P645 – pickled pork and chicken)
  • Paella Negra con Mayonesa Al Ali-Oli (P750 -squid, clams or mussels, shrimp, squid ink, on the side, garlic mayonnaise)
  • Paella de Bacalao (P795 – salted codfish, artichoke)
  • Paella de Mariscos (P695 – shrimp, squid, clams or mussels, sea crab)
  • Paella Bogavante (P645 – lobster seafoods)

*Paella is good for 2



7. Calderon Cocina Tapas Y Bebidas

San Juan, Kapitolyo, and Salcedo Village

FB: "Calderon" | IG: calderontapas

This restaurant showcasing homestyle Spanish cuisine is homey and warm, and its first branch opened in San Juan's Calderon Street, hence its name. Calderón’s signature dish is the paella, it being one of the dishes that started it all.


  • Paella Valenciana (P920/Pequeña 4 to 6 pax, P1,980/Mediana 8-10 pax,  P3,880/Grande at least 25 pax) – named after the region of Spain where paella originated; comes with chicken, mussels, prawns, and vegetables
  • Paella Negra (P780/Pequeña 4 to 6 pax, P1,500/Mediana 8-10 pax,  P2,680/Grande at least 25 pax) – Catalan-originated seafood paella variation using squid ink with morsels of squid, topped with mussels and prawns
  • Paella con Setas, Manchego y Esencia de Trufa (P1,120/Pequeña 4 to 6 pax, P2,260/Mediana 8-10 pax,  P4,360/Grande at least 25 pax) -mushrooms, manchego cheese, truffle essence

*allot 20 to 30 minutes waiting time for paellas to be served


8. Las Paellas

Greenhills, Alabang

FB: /las.paellas

This restaurant's approach to Spanish food is casual and affordable, making every day dining possible with filling meals that suit the P300 budget. Paellas here are reasonably priced, and good for sharing.


  • Valenciana (P525 – saffron rice with chicken, pork, chorizo, seafood and vegetables)
  • Marinera (P525 – saffron rice with clams, mussels, shrimps, and fish)
  • Negra (P525 – black paella with grilled squid served with garlic mayonnaise
  • Chicken and Mushroom Paella (P525 – classic paella with chicken, button mushrooms, asparagus, and chorizo)

Paellas are also available for takeout good for 10pax (P2,600) 20pax (P5,200) and 30pax (P7,800).


Photo from Casa Marcos Facebook

9. Casa Marcos

Ortigas Home Depot, Tomas Morato, and Forbeswood Heights| FB: /casamarcos | IG: @casamarcos | Twitter: @casa_marcos

Here's another oldie but goodie: Casa Marcos has been around since the 1940s, a family-run business proving that we've truly been deeply rooted in Spanish cuisine that surrounds itself with good company and warm ambiance.


  • Paella Valenciana (P845) -chorizo, seafood, chicken, seasoned with paprika cooked over a slow fire
  • Paella Marinara (P795) – classic all seafood paella
  • Paella con Saffron (P895) – classic Valenciana cooked in saffron, giving it a lighter and more distinctive taste
  • Paella Negra (P845) – a variety of seafood and vegetables cooked in black squid ink

Paellas are served on a 12 inch paellera, good for 5-6 persons.


10. Alqueria Restaurante y Chocolateria

Mega Fashion Hall

FB: /AlqueriaPH | IG: @AlqueriaPH

Situated in the foodie haven of Mega Fashion Hall, Alqueria is the first Spanish restaurant of the Sumo Sam group and its offerings of hearty entrees in generous servings prove to be a challenge in leaving extra space for the 'chocolateria' part of the establishment–dessert.


  • Paella Negra (P398)
  • Seafood Paella (P798)
  • Paella Valenciana (P398)
  • Paella Quezo Manchego (P398)


Photo from Cirkulo website

11. Cirkulo

Arnaiz Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati

Leave it to one of Manila's top chefs to serve you a festive spread of Spanish favorites. Chef J. Gamboa's restaurant opened in 1995, and since then has been a top pick for classic tapas and paellas, as well as the chef's signature creations.


  • Paella Cirkulo (P895) – saffron, duck, pork, chorizo, sweet peppers
  • Paella Marinera (P895) – saffron, sea bass, NZ mussels, clams, baby prawns, sweet peppers
  • Paella Negra (P895) – saffron, baby prawns, squid ink, calamari, sea bass, leeks
  • Paella Montaña (P895) – Portobella mushrooms, whole roasted garlic, asparagus, truffle oil

Paellas good for 2-3 persons.

Also available as party platters (in a foil pain) for take-away: Paella Montaña (P2,685/10-12pax, P4,475/15-20pax); Paella Cirkulo, Negra or Marinera (P2,475/10-12pax, P4,125/15-20pax)


Photo from La Cocina de Tita Moning Facebook

12. La Cocina de Tita Moning

San Miguel, Manila | FB: 'La Cocina de Tita Moning'

A visit to Old Manila will make your senses travel back to our Spanish roots, and dining in this Manila ancestral home will give your palate an experience of turn of the century homecooking. Heirloom recipes served within an elegant old world ambiance is what you'll get inside the Legarda Ancestral home.


  • Our Famous Paella Valenciana ("The Best Paella in town") – P5,000 15" paellera (15-17 pax), P3,000 / 11" paellera 8-10 pax)

You can hire the cooks and have them cook paella in your garden as part of your buffet set up: P8,000 for large paellera, good for 30-40pax

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