Marks and Spencer's Baked Treats are available again!

Marks and Spencer’s Baked Treats are Now Available for Deliveries!

Here’s good news for everyone who’s a fan of Marks and Spencer‘s baked treats! You can now order M&S’ freshly cookies and pastries, and have them picked up or even delivered straight to your homes!

Check out the items you can buy from selected branches:

Photo: M&S/Facebook
Photo: M&S/Facebook
Photo: M&S/Facebook

To order, you only need to contact your preferred Marks and Spencer branch of choice. Here are the two branches in operation right now, as well as their contact numbers, to make coordinating with them easier:

  • M&S Rockwell Food Hall
    • Email Address:
    • Mobile Number: 0917 807 8854
    • Telephone Number: 8898 0945
  • M&S Central Square Pop-Up Food Store
    • Email Address:
    • Mobile Number: 0917 562 7549
    • Telephone Number: 7950 8180

For more information, you may visit Marks and Spencer’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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