‘The Halal Guys Philippines’ Sneak Eat: The First Overseas Store To Open October 13 in Megamall

In just a few days The Halal Guys finally opens in the Philippines--the first international location of the popular Halal street food favorite in NYC. Here's a peek of where it will open in Manila, their menu, and the grub. First 100 customers will also be treated to free food!

The world famous NYC food cart with a massive following for its halal meat smothered in the iconic white sauce is finally opening its first outlet in Manila — it is also its first international location.

When the news that The Halal Guys was heading to the Philippines hit our local shores, fans of the brand were keeping tabs on when it would open, some quite heartbroken by its delay (originally set to open last July) — and now we can truly say it's really happening. It's set to finally open next week October 13, and the guys are finally ready for all you hungry folk to end the craving.

Halal Guys Philippines in Mega Food Hall, SM Megamall



What To Eat

The food choices are simple: it's a spread of chicken, gyro (beef), and falafel balls (vegetarian option). And these three items can be served as platter (with rice, pita bread slices, a salad of tomatoes and lettuce) or as sandwich (pita wrap). You can also choose a combo over rice of any two from the chicken, gyro, and falafel.

Combo over rice: Gyro & Falafel (regular) and Chicken & Falafel (regular)

What makes the food cart famous is that it caters to the cravings of a simple and filling halal food meal–good comfort food that Muslims are permitted to consume, as the food is specifically curated and prepared according to to Islamic law. The Halal Guys Philippines is the first restaurant in the country to be awarded a Halal Certificate by Halal Development Institute Of The Philippines (HDIP), a member of the World Halal Food Council and a leading Halal certifying body in the country.

Chicken Sandwich

The Halal Guys experience is not complete without their famous creamy white sauce and hot sauce — while in NYC there are many halal food carts, it's this brand's iconic sauces that truly sets them apart, causing long lines late at night. Soon, The Halal Guys will also be selling in Manila their baklava and hummus.

The iconic white sauce over gyro and falafel

Price Range

The halal dishes come in different sizes and can be ordered as value meal with a 16 oz. drink, and fits within the P200 to P500 range (nothing on the menu is over P500). Platters come in three sizes: small, regular, and NY size (good for sharing) — the regular size already being a hefty portion of rice and meat that will fill you up quick. Sandwiches come in regular and NY size, and each component is also available as a side order if your platter or wrap is still not enough for you.

Menu (click to enlarge)

As for the white sauce and hot sauce, these will be already placed on your order, with the hot sauce being optional (it's potent, so have a couple of stripes on your platter first to taste it). For sauce addicts, you can order extras of the imported White Sauce (P25) and Hot Sauce (P15). Tip: if you're keen on hacking their popular sauces, get the packets of sauce as extras because the ingredients (save for top secret ones only written as 'natural flavor')  are printed on the plastic. 

Gyro & Falafel Combo over Rice
Gyro & Falafel Combo over Rice

Hungry for some halal comfort grub? Be an early bird on the opening day of The Halal Guys Philippines! The first 100 customers in line on October 13, 2015 will be treated to one free New York size chicken and gyro combo platter with a drink.

The Halal Guys opens its first store in the Philippines on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at Mega Food Hall, 5th Level of SM Megamall. Like The Halal Guys Philippines on Facebook (/TheHalalGuysPhilippines) and follow on Instagram and Twitter (@thehalalguysph).



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Make sure to cancel all your plans since they've finally announced when they'll start serving their famous chicken and gyro platters.
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