GrabFood Ensures Safety in Their Services with Contactless Delivery

GrabFood rolls out measures to keep their services safe for their drivers and customers.

As fellow Manilenos practice social distancing by staying home, GrabFood aims to continue to be of service while safeguarding the safety of everyone on the platform including our delivery and merchant-partners. 

They have rolled out the following preventive and support measures to protect the health and safety of customers and delivery-partners who go out of their way to serve others during this challenging period: 

Contactless delivery for GrabFood 

As a safeguard for both consumers and delivery-partners, GrabFood introduces contactless delivery this week to minimise contact between consumers and delivery-partners. Consumers can opt for contactless delivery by following 3 simple steps: 

1. Inform delivery-partners to drop off the order outside the door or at specific locations such as the building reception if allowed by the building management

2. Delivery-partners will place the order at the specified location, notify consumers of their arrival, and wait for them to pick up the order standing at least 6ft/2m away from the order.

3. It is strongly encouraged for consumers to opt for cashless payment. If it is unavoidable to use cash, they can place the amount in an envelope and leave it where the food order is. 

GrabFood continues to deploy communications and guidelines to their delivery-partners to ensure compliance. 

Support measures for delivery-partners 

The Grab Driver Centers around the metro will also be equipped with sanitizer / disinfectant refill stations so that delivery-partners can easily access them, and can conveniently disinfect their delivery-bags throughout the day. 

Grab has also put together a GrabCare Package to provide financial and medical assistance to delivery-partners should they be placed on DOH-mandated quarantine, or be tested positive for the virus. 

They have also activated support channels such as Grab Safety Hotline, Grab Driver App Help Center, and Daily Online Forum to address questions and assist immediately. 

Many of their merchant-partners have also introduced additional precautionary measures such as temperature checks for restaurant staff and delivery-partners, increased cleaning frequency of food preparation areas and delivery-bags, and more. GrabFood is encouraging more merchant-partners to adopt these precautionary measures and reach out to their respective account managers so they can immediately cascade their store-mandated guidelines to the delivery-partners. GrabFood is also checking with their merchant-partners if there will be changes in their operating hours. 

GrabFood urges consumers, delivery-partners and merchant-partners to continue to look out for one another by staying vigilant and adopting good hygiene practices.

Since the start of the outbreak, Grab has been working very closely with the Department of Health (DOH) to ensure that they have timely communications and support for the drivers, as well as robust contact tracing processes in place. Grab will continue to work very closely with the Department of Health and other relevant government agencies to minimise the spread of COVID-19.


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