Grind Bistro: Burgers, Comfort Bites, and Favorites Done Right

Grind Bistro keeps it simple and straightforward, and that's where they shine. Familiar favorites and comfort food staples are on their menu, and while they aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, the restaurant serves food with great care in quality.

There are restaurants you save for special occasions, where food feels like it's being prepared especially to celebrate. There too are places where you simply need a quick fix – a comforting bite of the familiar to tide you over, perhaps. Then there are establishments that manage to tug your foodie heartstrings more often by tying in these two kinds of food cravings so well, you can include it in your daily grind. Grind Bistro is that kind of restaurant, their menu listing both familiar and modern food, a well-curated list of comfort bites and favorites done right.

Grind keeps it simple and straightforward, and that's where they shine. Familiar favorites and comfort food staples are on their menu, and while they aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, the restaurant serves food with great care in quality, with a little surprise here and there through their modern renditions of dishes. Couple Steven and Cristina Imperial Carl are at the helm of this concept, the husband and wife very hands on (Steven was a hotel executive chef and a beverage director, while Cristina is a sommelier). They've expanded the brand around the metro, with a casual burger spot in SM North EDSA, and a cafe also serving playful desserts in SM Aura. Grind Bistro in Net Park BGC is their first food establishment in Manila since settling in the country for good.

If you want a bright and fresh start, get their soups and salad. Tomato soup for me needs to be velvety and tart, and their Tomato Bisque (P220) topped with creme fraiche and pesto delivers. The Asparagus Soup (P220) is very satisfying as well, creamy till the last drop yet still flavorful with that earthy and subtly salty qualities of asparagus. Both soups are served with bread baked in-house – all of their bread are, and the made from scratch freshness of their products is something to always look forward to. A more refreshing starter for your palate is the Laguna Farmer's Salad (P395), which is a mix of locally sourced and seasonal greens and ingredients, so this changes from time to time.

Start with Soup: Grind's Tomato Bisque and creamy Asparagus Soup are must tries
Bright and refreshing: Laguna Farmer's Salad

If soups and salads are lighter fare to tickle the taste buds, Grind's lineup of savory appetizers are the sort that's lips-macking and addicting, they'll leave you craving for more. Their Poke Nachos (P495) is an instant hit since day one, and I've never visited the restaurant without having it — it combines the zest and freshness of the Hawaiian poke with the classic Tex-Mex treat of nachos and salsa. Another favorite is the chewy  Ricotta Gnocchi (P450), which comes in a shade of purple thanks to the sauce rich in beets.


Poke Nachos: an explosion of flavors and crunch in ahi tuna marinated in soy, chili and sesame, local chevre, orange and wasabi tobiko, pico de gallo, taro and sweet potato crisps
Ricotta Gnocchi tossed with warm beet pesto
Sweet and juicy with a crunch: Grind's tempura battered Popcorn Shrimp (P395) is pop in your mouth fun

Grind is all about mastering the meats, and beef, in particular, is the star. Their interior and decor have pops of cow and beef designs and puns, and on their menu, they appear in the form of burgers, sandwiches and steaks. You can begin your carnivorous adventure here with their Grind Meatballs (P395) appetizer, and have a teaser of their luscious burgers with an order of Sliders (P395). Don't fill yourself up too quickly, though–there's still more meat to be devoured.

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Grind Meatballs (P395) with marinara and lemon scented ricotta
Sliders: three mini Grind burgers with 100% USDA ground beef on brioche buns with onions and pickles

If it's your first time at Grind, it's best to sink your teeth into their burgers and sandwiches. The Grind Burger (P395, with potato chips) is the perfect way to satiate your burger cravings, pillowy soft brioche buns baked in house sandwiching a thick and juicy 100% USDA beef patty. Each bite merits extra sips of ice cold soda or beer. Another must try sandwich is the Corned Beef on Rye (P395), the corned beef tender, flavorful, and house-cured.

Grind Burger: 100% USDA Beef in Brioche buns fresh from the oven, tomato, iceberg lettuce, sweet onion, American cheese and Tiny's secret sauce
Corned Beef on Rye with Emmental, pickles, coleslaw, and secret sauce

For heftier mains you can share, don't miss out on the deep fried Nutty Black Chicken (P595), deep dark with its batter, yet a slice reveals its juicy insides. It's a fried chicken with an attitude. If you want a more delicate dish on the healthier side, try the Salmon Fillet (P650) that is blessed with many Japanese inflections like soy, miso, and edamame making for a well-balanced entree. To go full carnivore at Grind Bistro, they give you a customizable experience with their beef with Create Your Own Steak. First
choose the meat kind of meat you prefer (300g prime NY steak – P2,050, 400g house aged ribeye – P2,400) then choose its doneness or temperature. You also get to choose any of their sauces, toppings, and sides to complement your steak.

Nutty Black Chicken: black tempura, hazelnut romesco, sweet chili sauce
Salmon Fillet: 180g pan-seared salmon fillet with soy, miso and ginger, lemon syrup, wakame two ways, edamame
Create Your Own Steak

Visit Grind Bistro at the Ground Floor of Net Park building on 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Follow Grind on Facebook and Instagram (grindbistro).

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