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Doña Elena and Terraza Martinez Curate an Exclusive Mediterranean-Inspired Special Menu

Throughout September 2023, Terraza Martinez is offering a special four-course menu for only Php1,950 that features Doña Elena, the No. 1 olive oil brand in the Philippines

This September, expand your horizons by indulging in a culinary journey that will deliciously transport you to the heart of Spain. Throughout September 2023, Terraza Martinez is offering a special four-course menu for only Php1,950 that features Doña Elena, the No. 1 olive oil brand in the Philippines with a full range of Mediterranean products such as olives, capers, anchovies, and many more, Doña Elena Olive Oil is made from 100% pure olive oil from Spain, loved and trusted by home cooks and chefs alike.

A native of Valencia, Spain, Terraza Martinez’s executive chef and founder Luis Martinez remains true to his roots. Just like in the Philippines, Spain’s family-oriented culture with cooking and eating together is essential, they use only the freshest seasonal produce, quality meats, and seafood in their recipes. And for Chef Luis who considers every meal as an expression of passion and love, using a superior olive oil is a vital ingredient in his repertoire. “I truly believe that we are what we eat and olive oil is the healthiest of all. [Aside from health benefits] its pleasant taste, smell, and texture that enhance all the flavors of a good recipe, my type of cuisine revolves around the product. Everything is based on that, on the absolute respect that I have for the product.” Chef Luis emphasized. “On the other hand, [using good-quality olive oil] reminds me of my childhood wherein my breakfasts were based on a simple toast with extra virgin olive oil and salt.”

For the exclusive Doña Elena 4-course special menu, Chef Luis describes the combination as “perfect” and he would transport diners to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. An equal balance of light and refreshing, bold and meaty, the carefully selected dishes are all infused with a rich tapestry of Spanish flavors. 

The culinary journey begins with a Gazpacho, crafted “Terraza Martinez Style.” A traditional cold soup made from blended Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil and canned Diced Tomatoes, the recipe is taken up a notch with sauteed garlic prawns, tomato tartar, crispy capers, croutons, and Doña Elena anchovies. The result is smooth and creamy but the added twist of textures make it a unique take on a classic. 

For the second course, Luis presents a  – Cured Snapper Carpaccio. Delicate without being overpowering, this dish consists of thinly sliced snapper fish, marinated in Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crushed tomato, fried capers, and lime zest. The fish is tender and fresh, and the marinade provides a zesty and aromatic touch. The dish is served with rosemary crackers that add a crunchy contrast. Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for this dish, as it has a fruity and mild flavor that compliments the fish for a silky mouthfeel. Doña Elena’s Canned Tomatoes and Capers also add some acidity and saltiness to balance the sweetness of the fish.


Glazed and charcoal-grilled, the Presa Ibérica de Cerdo takes center stage for the main course. The hearty ibérico pork loin, served with truffle mashed potato, olive oil caramelized shallots, wild fresh mushrooms, and demi-glacé sauce. This dish is a feast for the senses, as it combines the succulent and juicy meat of the Ibérico pork, which is one of the finest breeds of pigs in the world, with the earthy and aromatic flavors of the truffle, mushrooms, and shallots. Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil is used to caramelize the shallots and to drizzle over the mashed potato, adding a nutty and buttery note to the dish.

To conclude this unforgettable Spanish culinary voyage, the tangy smooth Manchego Cheesecake has a light touch of Doña Elena Pomace Olive Oil. The cheesecake is also topped with blueberry jelly and mango slices that add some sweetness and juicy flavor, for a fresh spin on this well-loved dessert.

Even before superfoods, there was olive oil. As one of the ingredients cooks reach more often in enhancing flavors of dishes, it is also profusely used in making some of the world’s greatest meals. Doña Elena Olive Oil comes loaded with high levels of antioxidants and is packed with vitamins E, K, and A that help lower bad cholesterol. It comes in three variants to suit any type of dish with a flavorful and aromatic taste. There’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dips and salad dressing; Pure Olive Oil for pasta and everyday cooking; and Pomace Olive Oil for roasting and frying. 

Chef Luis Martinez and Doña Elena invite everyone to try the Doña Elena special menu at Terraza Martinez and experience soulful Spanish cuisine. “The special menu we created for Doña Elena is a refreshing and simple menu that showcases the Mediterranean style of cooking using Doña Elena products. We use fresh fish, meat, and vegetables that are lightly cooked to preserve their natural flavors. It’s a perfect menu for enjoying with friends and family in a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Come and join us at Terraza Martinez this September and experience the high quality of food and service that we offer.” 

A sophisticated venue for food and drinks, Terraza Martinez always welcomes guests from brunch to midnight every day at the heart of BGC. For reservations, call (63 966) 700-5801 or visit their websiteFacebook, or Instagram.

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