IN PHOTOS: 10 must-try street food when in Bangkok, Thailand

We found the best Pad Thai in Bangkok!

Bangkok, Thailand is a popular Asian destination especially for its rich culture, nightlife and, of course, the unlimited street food choices you'll find everywhere possible. We swear by it!

We were lucky we were staying on Khao San Road where we found almost all the eats and treats we were looking for. If you're on a budget like we were, Bangkok is the best place to go to as all the eats and drinks are cheap yet extremely filling and delicious. No adjective can adequately describe the food experience you'll have.

With different food strips and markets offering unlimited food options, one thing we've realized is that when you're in Thailand, you'll never be hungry. Here is a list of the must-try street food waiting for you to be discovered when you visit Bangkok:

1. Barbecue

You'll see a number of stalls selling skewered anything  beef, sausage, chicken and more. But you can't miss the Moo Ping which is a sweet and tender pieces of meat skewered with vegetables or fruits. Generally, these skewered meats are sweet but every vendor makes their own marinade which makes them unique.

2. Pad Thai

You'd be crazy not to try Pad Thai as it is one of the most famous dishes in Thailand. It's a traditional noodle dish with stir-fried rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, tofu, peanuts and with your choice of shrimp or chicken.

TIP: It's pretty obvious that a certain restaurant is good when you see both locals and tourists line up. Hailed by CNN, BBC and other notable publications, Thipsamai is a very popular restaurant in Bangkok serving Pad Thai. Watch the video below on how they prepare it:


Cooking the best Pad Thai in Thailand

Posted by Nadine Macandog on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

3. Iced drinks

Very much like the Philippines, Thailand is also a tropical country so refreshing drinks are a must. To beat the heat, there are numerous stalls serving iced coffee and iced brewed tea mixed with condensed milk. Plus, the ice come pre-crushed to make your drink colder.

4. Torched Scallops

Who would ever pass up on melted cheese on top of torched scallops? Although it may not be as unique as most of the street foods in Bangkok, it's definitely something you would order as soon as seeing it. To make it even better? It is served with a sweet and spicy vinegar sauce for added flavor. And since it's food you can find on the streets or at weekend markets, it's extremely affordable so you can have as much as you'd like!

5.Coconut Ice Cream

Fresh coconut meat is scraped before scooping rich coconut ice cream and sometimes sprinkled with some more coconut bits and other treats. In my case, the vendor drizzled some chocolate sauce and peanuts.

6. Satay

It isn't really a Thai dish per se but they have their own recipe to have that distinct local taste. Strips of chicken are marinated in turmeric and coconut milk for hours before grilling. These skewered tender meat is served with a pandan bread, peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

7. Fried Chicken

Just when you thought Koreans have perfected fried chicken, Thais have their own. Each stall has a different blend that's peppery with a hint of lemongrass that's a staple in Thai cuisine. Make sure you get the drumsticks as it is the juiciest among the chicken parts – has crisp skin and tender meat oozing with juice. It's so popular that we saw locals and tourists having a bite while walking.

8. Mango Sticky Rice

A popular dessert that can also be a snack that's made of sticky rice, ripe mangoes and drizzled with rich coconut cream.

9. Thai Crispy Pancakes

These palm-sized crisp pockets are called Khanom Buang and can be found anywhere in Bangkok. It is a crispy rice flour pancake stuffed with coconut meringue and topped with grated coconut or sometimes with some marinated shrimps.

10. Fried Insects

Feeling adventurous? Exotic delicacies like fried worms, larvae, crickets, beetles and cockroaches are all over Bangkok. They're fried until crispy and is actually tasty! There are hundreds of vendors selling fried insects but what's sets them apart from the other is the sauce they mix with the insects in the frying pan.

BONUS: Crab Omelette

Just a few steps away from Thip Samai, there's another restaurant called Jae Fai serving crab omelette and a few more Thai dishes. It's a little pricey but one order is a huge roll of egg filled with chunks of crab meat that's meticulously cooked over charcoal by the owner who's wearing her iconic goggles for over thirty years now.

What are your food favorites when in Bangkok? Let us know in the comments down below so we can try them on our next visit!


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