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Ramen Nagi is Raining Different Kinds of raMEN This Summer with TsukeMEN and TonkatsuMEN

Sweltering this sun-filled season? Then Ramen Nagi is your cool spot to come get your noodle fix and chill – here are two different and 'cooler' versions of the traditional raMEN than what we're used to.
If we're seeking comfort in noodle soups, we do find it soothing to hunker down a bowl of hot ramen on a cold blustery day—and the ramen craving is stronger if you add rain into the mix. But there are times where the usual raMEN just won't do – maybe it's your mood for something different, or maybe it's just the weather asking for something that's not your usual. There's got to be something other than the typical raMEN to cure those cravings.

Enter Ramen Nagi: hailing from Japan and serving authentic Japanese Ramen in the metro since 2013. Fans of this ramen specialty restaurant are always in for a treat, because they're known for releasing limited edition dishes and ramen variants, and for this summer, they are introducing two cool raMEN to dig your chopsticks into and slurp.

Meet the TsukeMEN and TonkatsuMEN: two new ramen variants rolling out this summer that want to prove to your taste buds not all raMEN are one and the same. With these summer dishes, the firm ramen noodles are served cold, separated from their light and warm broth which is served in a different bowl. You get to decide how much of the broth you want with every slurp by dipping the cold noodles into the broth. This dipping style of the cold noodles is perfect for the summertime because the hot soup doesn't overwhelm you, plus the noodles remain firm and get to be flavored with the broth the way you want it – dip it more for more depth of flavor, or dip lightly to just get a subtle finish.


Get the TsukeMEN (P400) if you're ramen personality leans on more classic kind of flavors. The cold noodles are topped with Nagi fire sauce, and the dipping broth of the signature silky tonkatsu includes chashu strips and onion leeks. It's your summer raMEN that's classic yet cool. Mix the spicy sauce and noodles before dipping into the broth to get all the flavors in one big bite!

TonkatsuMEN (P440)

If you want a meatier fix with your ramen, and crave a different kind of broth — then TonkatsuMEN (P440) is your best bet. Here, your cold noodles are accompanied by thick slices of tonkatsu, embellished with daikon sprouts. A lemon wedge and mustard are served on the side to add more zest and flavor into every single bite. This hunky summer raMEN comes with a dipping bowl of fresh nagi spice and vegetables.

It's not just all traditional raMEN with Ramen Nagi, so try something different and cool this summer. The TsukeMEN and TonkatsuMEN are your summer ramen favorites for the taking until April 30, 2017. Visit Ramen Nagi to get your TsukeMEN and TonkatsuMEN fix this summer; three branches will only serve TsukeMEN: SM Mall of Asia, Trinoma, and Ayala Malls the 30th.


Like Ramen Nagi Manila on Facebook (/RamenNagiManila) and follow on Instagram (@ramennagimanila) to stay connected. #FavoriteRamen #differentkindofraMEN

Which summer raMEN are you rooting for? Are you Team TsukeMEN or Team TonkasuMEN? Join Ramen Nagi's online promo and get to win P2,000 worth of gift certificates this April!

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Posted by Ramen Nagi Manila on Monday, April 3, 2017

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