Eat of the Week: Dive into the Cheesiness and Attack this Mac & Cheese at Le Petit Soufflé

Their pasta crowned with chunky foie gras may be the Instagrammable beauty, but the plain Mac & Cheese ain't just a basic order. While it holds back (just a bit) on the fatty indulgence, it brings all the cheesy goodness and comfort for everyday eating.

Le Petit Soufflé's best-selling pasta is crowned with chunky foie gras and it constantly floods Instagram. Sure, it really is a thing of beauty — big chunks of the fatty liver drawing in anyone who craves for indulgence.

This Foie Gras Mac and Cheese unsurprisingly overshadows the restaurant's plain ol' macaroni and cheese, though, and it should not. That's because their Just Mac and Cheese is not just any macaroni and cheese. The simpler offering is no basic order, don't be fooled. Its humble name printed on the menu can deceive because while it holds back (just a little bit!) on the fatty indulgence, it brings all the cheesy goodness and comfort for everyday eating. And more.

Just Mac and Cheese by Le Petit Soufflé
Photo: Tasteless website

Le Petit Soufflé's mac and cheese is anything but ordinary: its al dente macaroni clinging to a cheesy trio of sharp cheddar, emmental, and gruyere to give you nuances of sharpness, saltiness, and creaminess instead of a one-note 'cheesy' flavor. The Japanese touches come in the toppings of shimeji combined with crimini mushrooms for just a bit of earthiness, while slices of Hungarian sausage, well-seasoned and spiced, represent Europe in this dish. Bacon bits are always a welcome addition to anything cheesy, and the crunch is delightful when it collides with the chewy pasta.

Just Mac and Cheese may come unadorned with the glorious pieces of gooseliver, but that's no reason to skip this pasta. It comes welll-sized and one order can even be shared, and the satisfaction of pulling a forkful of this mac and cheese to reveal the clingy melted cheese is undeniable. While foie gras is something to spoil yourself with when you're feeling quite fancy, this hearty dish at Le Petit Soufflé is craveable on a daily basis.

The Dish: Just Mac and Cheese (P325)

Where to Find it: Le Petit Soufflé 

Visit Le Petit Soufflé  at their two branches in the metro, located at 3/F Century City Mall Makati and 2/F Mega Fashion Hall, Megamall. Visit, Like Le Petit Soufflé on Facebook (/Lepetitsouffle), and follow on Instagram (@lepetitsouffleph).

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