Sarsá 2.0: More Awesome Isaw and Mouthwatering Kansi Noodles Included in JP Anglo’s New Food Lineup

Chef JP Anglo constantly pushes his creativity in the kitchen with re-imaginations of Filipino food and his new wave of dishes, eleven in total, is a solid lineup at Sarsá .

Chef JP Anglo constantly pushes his creativity in the kitchen with re-imaginations of Filipino food, since the opening of his Filipino restaurant, Sarsá, back in 2013. While the restaurant's long-time crowd favorites are a mainstay on their menu (chicken inasal, sizzling kansi, and isaw — arguably the best one in the metro — are top of mind), the Ilonggo chef is unafraid to evolve, reinventing dishes, trimming from the menu slower-moving items, and replacing them with bolder, memorable dishes. Evolving is a challenge, but can be deliciously rewarding. Case in point: their tuna sisig topped with crunchy tuna chicharon, a liempo pork adobo so succulent and crave-worthy that you must order extra rice for it, and now, the new wave of dishes that include a lipsmacking upgrade of their sinigang fried chicken.

Sarsa's Chef JP Anglo introducing the new dishes at the tasting dinner

'Sarsa v.2.0,' new and improved, keeps things playful and full on with flavor with a total of 11 new dishes ranging from street food, appetizers, to hearty mains. The new food will make regular patrons find new favorites, while new customers will appreciate the unique modern takes on Filipino and Ilonggo cuisine that their palates will never tire of.

Hungry for new dishes? Here are all eleven dishes available this week across all Sarsa branches in Metro Manila:

Spicy Chicken Isaw (P185): Sarsa's popular crispy inasal (barbecued chicken intestines) served with a lot of heat
Pork Isaw (P195): brushed with Sarsa's signature inasal sauce, the pork isaw is chewier than crunchy
Beef Isaw (P210): it has a distinct bold meatiness compared to the chicken and pork isaw, and is a little chewy in every bite
Atay (P185): cooked perfectly to retain its soft and velvety texture, the chicken liver skewers are coated with a slightly sweet tsokolate sauce to balance the bitterness
Sinigang Fried Chicken Wings (P250): Sarsa's former half serving of fried chicken returns as a crispy, scrumptious appetizer; the smaller size makes it great bar chow and the extra crispness of the skin is delicious; it is served with bell pepper gata (coconut milk) sauce
Kansi Rice Noodles (P295): Sarsa now serves Kansi three ways — as the traditional Ilonggo sour bulalo soup, as the gravy-loaded sizzling kansi, and this one. Flat noodles soak in the succulence of the tangy broth mixed with kansi soy sauce, topped with beef chunks, crispy beef flakes, garlic, and bean sprouts. It's like a Filipino beefy kway teow. A personal favorite!
Spicy Inasal Pa-a (P185): spicy chicken thigh inasal served with Sarsa trio sauce
Gata Inasal Pa-a (P185): chicken thigh inasal with a coconut milk sauce
Coconut Grilled Liempo (P285): Chef JP Anglo takes cue from Tausug dishes like pyanggang and tiyula itum that use burnt coconut to give extra depth of flavor; here, grilled liempo is topped with a smokey coconut sauce and served with spicy vinegar and coconut gravy. This begs for some rice!
Sizzling Monggo (P250): your homey munggo favorite getting a meaty upgrade, now topped with garlic, lechon kawali, and crispy kangkong leaves
Crispy Fish Fillet (P295): the lone new seafood dish at Sarsa–large battered fish fillets served with a sweet and light peanut sauce reminiscent of satay sauce

All 11 new dishes are now available across all branches of Sarsá: SM Megamall, Legazpi Village Makati, The Forum BGC, SM Mall of Asia, Rockwell Makati, and UP Town Center QC. Like Sarsa in Facebook (/sarsakitchen) and follow on Instagram (@sarsakitchen). #SarsaNewDishes2017

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