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Noche Buena 2021: Where To Buy Delightful Desserts in Manila

Complete your Christmas spread with these delightful desserts you can find in Manila!

2021 is coming to an end, the pandemic restrictions are easing up, and the most festive season is upon us. With this, we’re bringing back our special series where we round up your favorite food staple in your Noche Buena spread. Ready to dig in?

On this list, we give you a rundown of places where you can get Desserts perfect for your Christmas spread in Metro Manila. What is a Noche Buena spread without some standout dessert that will wow everyone? Below, we list down places where you can get this holiday must-have in a unique way.

Queso Cakes by Bibingkinitan

We all know Bibingkinitan as the go-to store for the classic bibingka that’s available year-round. This year, they’ve rolled out three new offerings that put a twist on the classic bibingka we all love. The new offerings come in three variants — Bibingka Butter Yema Cake, Bibingka Cheesecake with Salted Egg, and Keso de Bola, and Bibingka Cheesecake with Brown Butter Muscovado. Your discerning tita and all her amigas will definitely enjoy this! Each cheesecake is priced from P350 to P450.

Order via, GrabFood, and available in selected Metro Manila branches.

Mr. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake by Butternut Bakery

Butternut Bakery has done it again with this limited offering perfect for the holidays. Priced at P1,800, their 8-inch cake has a dense yet light vanilla bean cheesecake that harmoniously pairs well with the salted caramel and apple crumble topping. And get this, the apple chunks and crumble remain crisp. Definitely a Christmas treat that shouldn’t be missed! Hurry though as pre-order is only until December 21, 2021! Order via their website.


Truffle Burnt Basque Cheesecake by Chef Chele González

Having worked in the Basque Country for 10 years, Chef Chele González has learned to create this decadent dessert that his customers just can’t get enough of. For the holidays though, he has made it extra special and topped it with savory truffle that came all the way from Europe. The 6.5-inch cheesecake is priced at P1,500 and the 8.5-inch cheesecake is priced at P2,350. Order through their form.

Old-fashioned Chocolate Cake with Praline by MadBakes

Another food concept from MadEats, MadBakes focuses on cakes in pans. They’ve initially rolled out six variants but a standout is their Old-fashioned Chocolate Cake with Praline. It has a moist chocolate cake with mocha filling and topped with their housemade peanut praline and a thick chocolate ganache. This one’s perfect for your holiday get-togethers or as gifts for the special people in your life! It is priced at P650 for an 8×8 tray. Order via their website.

Cathedral Window by one day

There’s just something festive about a Cathedral Window dessert. It’s a creamy panacotta dessert with colorful gelatin cubes that will make any Noche Buena spread even more festive. A 14cm X 6cm cathedral window is priced at P450. Message them on Instagram.

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