Noche Buena 2021: Where To Buy Christmas Ham in Metro Manila

Here are places where you can get Christmas Ham in Metro Manila!

2021 is coming to an end, the pandemic restrictions are easing up, and the most festive season is upon us. With this, we’re bringing back our special series where we round up your favorite food staple in your Noche Buena spread. Ready to dig in?

On this list, we give you a rundown of places where you can get Christmas Ham in Metro Manila. A perfectly glazed Christmas ham is a staple in any Filipino home during this very merry time. Below, we list down places where you can order this holiday must-have.


Started in 2015 by joining food markets around Manila, Camino’s sold comfort food and snack before they’ve finally manufactured their own meat products. Now, they sell premium sausages, longganisas, ham, and bacon. For Christmas, their Honey Baked Ham is making a comeback which is known for having a smoky, salty, and sweet flavor profile.

Camino’s Honey Baked Ham is priced at P950/kg. Order via their Instagram.

Gastronomo Delicatessen

Unlike other Christmas hams in the market, Gastronomo Delicatessen uses pure muscle ham which makes theirs lean. It is then seasoned, netted, and smoked and gets a really beautiful glaze that’s just picture-perfect! It comes with a side of bourbon citrus sauce for a little bit of sweetness.


Gastronomo Delicatessen’s Smoked Christmas Ham is priced at P900 and is approximately 1 to 1.2kg. Order via their Instagram.

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Santis Delicatessen

Christmas Ham in Metro Manila

You can never go wrong with anything from Santis! Their Honey Ham is smoked with a distinct honey flavor. Enjoy eating it cold, grilled, or even pan-fried.

Santis Delicatessen’s Honey Ham is priced at P755/kg. Purchase from any of their branches.

The Plaza Catering

Your Noche Buena spread won’t be complete without The Plaza Catering’s iconic Baked Ham. It is sweet and salty that’s cured, lightly wood-smoked with choice herbs and spices, and then oven-baked. Unlike other hams, this has a beautiful glaze with a sweet crust and you can pair it with The Plaza Catering’s sauces: Premium Glaze, Gustys Garlic, Wasabi Mayo, and Sweet Mustard.

The Plaza Premium Baked Ham is priced at P2,000 per kg (whole leg, bone in). The next batch will be available for pre-order on December 20, 2021. Order via their website.


Yes, you can have Wildflour in your Noche Buena spread this year. Their Celebration Ham is available in two sizes and served with buttery Parker House Rolls and Pineapple Jam. Order as early as now since it gets sold out fast as well!

Wildflour’s Celebration Ham Box is priced at P1,050 for 1/2kg and P1,895/1kg. Order via their website.

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