Eat Sheet - October 15 - Praline Series, Litro Iced Tea, Yayoi

Eat Sheet: Bear-y Delicious Praline Drinks, Shareable Japanese Favorites at Home, & a Bigger Biggie Iced Tea to Quench Your Thirst

For this installment of Eat Sheet, we chill with Grizz, Pan-Pan, and Ice Bear with new drinks, turn Japanese with potluck-perfect picks from Yayoi, and bring home a litro-sized iced tea that’s a crowd favorite at a burger joint.

Welcome to another food-filled edition of Eat Sheet, where we taste and share some of the latest and interesting eats in the metro! In this installment, we chill with Grizz, Pan-Pan, and Ice Bear in the new drink series of Macao Imperial Tea, turn Japanese with potluck-perfect offerings from Yayoi for delivery, and bring home a supersized iced tea that’s a crowd favorite at a burger joint.

Praline Series by Macao Imperial Tea Features a We Bare Bears Collab

Together with the We Bare Bears trio, Macao Imperial Tea’s new offering is a collection of 6 new drinks to sweeten up your day. The Praline Series features the classic confectionery blended with Macao Imperial Tea’s signature beverages. All 6 drinks are now available and come in We Bare Bears cups in assorted designs, with Grizz, Pan-Pan and Ice Bear adding some cuteness with every sip.

Eat Sheet - Praline Series
Left to Right: Cheesecake Pecan Praline, Choco Praline Cheesecake Crunch, and Pecan Latte Chestnut

The limited-edition drinks are Caramel Praline Milk Tea (P165), Mocha Pecan Praline Cream (P165), Cheesecake Pecan Praline (P170), Pecan Latte Chestnut (P170), Choco Praline Cheesecake Crunch (P180), and Caramel Pecan Praline Pie (P180). To upsize your Praline Series drinks to Maior size, add P20. The Cheesecake Pecan Praline is a personal favorite, with its generous cheesecake cream topping giving an addicting sweet and salty finish.

Macao Imperial Tea’s Praline Series is available to order online at starting October 15, 2021.

Yayoi’s Teishoku Best-Sellers Now in Ready-to-Share Sizes for Delivery

Japanese restaurant Yayoi is bringing their delicious best-sellers to your doorstep and upsizing the portions to make them ready to share. The restaurant, popular for their Teishoku or set meal style of dining, is now taking their Teishoku crowd favorites and offering them in boxes for delivery. These signature dishes comprise of appetizers, snackables, and savory mains that make perfect potluck ideas for when you need to feed your friends and family. 



Take your tastebuds to a trip to Japan with this tasty spread from Yayoi! ???? ???????? ##foryoupage ##entertainmentph ##tiktokeatsph ##foodietokph ##fyp

♬ Only the Stars and Us – Rook1e

If you love sushi, start your Japanese feast with Yayoi’s Classic Starters Sushi Box (P895) or Signature Rolls Sushi Box (P1,295), while those hankering some crispy fried chicken should go for their Chicken Namban Bites Box (P725) and Chicken Karaage Box (P625). Their fried chicken offerings are crowd-pleasers and kid-friendly, and yes, a rice magnet. 

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Yayoi- Eat Sheet
Clockwise, from left: Ginger Pork Shogayaki Box, Chicken Karaage Box, and Teriyaki Chicken

A personal favorite is the Ginger Pork Shogayaki Box (P575), the thin slices of pork belly stir-fried with ginger sauce so tender and flavorful. If you want to go for a no-fail classic, get the Sukiyaki Kit (P1,395), the box containing every sukiyaki component packed separately for easy assembling and heating at home in a bowl. All dishes are good for 3-4 persons and they also come with assembly and/or heating instructions.

To order from Yayoi for delivery, visit Yayoi is also available on GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pick-a-roo.

Wendy’s Now Offers Iconic Biggie Iced Tea in Litro Bottles

Eat Sheet - Wendy's Litro Iced Tea

While primarily a burger joint, Wendy’s has always been offering other crave-worthy food and drink, such as their irresistible pairing of Frosty and Fries, shrimp sandwich, affordable salads (who else grew up with an all-you-can-eat salad bar?), and of course, their refreshing Biggie Iced Tea. This fast-food establishment sets their iced tea apart by preparing the Iced Tea Classic freshly brewed everyday, made with fresh calamansi.

Eat Sheet - Wendy's Litro Iced Tea

Good news, iced tea lovers: their famous iced tea is now available in one-liter spill-proof bottles! The delivery-friendly upsized drink will never make you feel bitin ever again, and we do love a reusable bottle to boot. The Litro Iced Tea (P95) is perfect to share with your bes-tea or if your thirst is extraordinary, just keep it for yourself all day.

The Litro Iced Tea is available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery nationwide. Order online at for pick-up and delivery. Selected stores are available for delivery 24/7 via GrabFood.

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