Dot Coffee Donuts

These Dot Coffee Donuts Will Be Your New Favorite Caffeine Partner

Dot Coffee Donuts are freshly made every day!

Just two months since its launch, Dot Coffee is now introducing a line of housemade donuts that you can perfectly pair with their drink offerings. Coffee and donuts, who wouldn’t want that kind of combo?

MadEats Launches Fourth Food Concept, Dot Coffee

For their initial launch, they’ve released four signature donuts priced at only P35 to P50 apiece.

Dot Coffee Donuts Flavors

Starting with their simple variants, the Classic Glazed which is glazed with their housemade vanilla icing, and the Cinnamon Sugar that’s dusted with the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar. It’s classic, simple, and it’s just too impossible to go wrong with these choices.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, order the Three Cheese that is filled with molten cheese that explodes when you bite into their pillowy dough. It is then topped with grated parmesan that’s been charred a bit that gives off a smoky flavor. Their Calamansi Brulee is oozing with their housemade calamansi curd, topped with sugar bruleed on top for that amazing contrast from the soft dough and crispy crust. Can’t decide what to get? Order everything so you can have a taste of all the flavors!


All the donuts are freshly made daily so you can only expect great quality in every bite. While you’re at it, make sure to order some coffee to go with them!

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Dot Coffee is available on for a seamless online ordering experience and can be ordered together with anything and everything else MadEats. They’re open for orders daily from 10:00 AM-8:00 PM.

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MadEats Launches Fourth Food Concept, Dot Coffee
Dot Coffee is the newest food concept from the brains behind Yang Gang, Chow Time, and Fried Nice.

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