This QC Mall Brings Back ‘Drive-In’ Restaurants

You can order from a wide selection of restaurants and enjoy the food in your car!

Robinsons Magnolia brings the nostalgia of drive-in restaurants with Park & Dine. Relive the Fabulous Fifties and relish the experience of hand-delivered food on steering wheels or lap tables to your car.

Park your car at the designated alfresco parking area of Robinsons Magnolia, take out your mobile phone, and order and pay through Robbie & Rosie (0921-4992958), your personal carhop, curb girl, or tray-boy ready to take your orders.

Unlike drive-in restaurants in the metro, where your food choice is limited to what the restaurant has on its menu, Robinsons Magnolia gives you the widest choice of restaurants in one stop.  “You can choose from 60 restaurants offering anything from Filipino favorites of ulam and kanin to western fares like hotdogs and sandwiches and chips,” says Jasmin Lucio, Robinsons Malls Regional Operations Manager.  Lucio added that selections vary from savory and sweets to coffees and teas. Or go for anything Asian, from Japanese to Chinese to Vietnamese and even Italian to American favorites. 

If you still feel iffy about dining out, now is your chance to dine out in the comforts of your car — with your choice of company. Depending on the size of your ride, ideally, there should be about four, max, people per car.

Worry not. Robinsons Magnolia’s got your back. Your safety is important. Park & Dine has 10 reserved car parking bays with markers, each car a respectable distance from the other. The guards and staff stationed are fully vaxxed and wear masks and face shields at all times. Trays, steering wheel and tap tables are also cleaned and sanitized after each use.


Dine without worrying about what to wear; come as you are. Or make it a fun opportunity like themed dates.  “Diners can have a vantage view of Robinsons Magnolia’s beautiful garden, all lit-up with Christmas Décor,” adds Lucio. Dining out with peace of mind, such as the one offered at Robinsons Magnolia Park & Dine, is a rare moment these days, so why not go all the way and make it memorable?

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Orders should take about 20-30 minutes to arrive. There’s a dedicated Robbie & Rosie, Robinsons Malls Personal Concierge for Park & Dine customers.  You can also opt to order in advance, like on your way to the mall.

Participating restaurants include Cibo, Botejyu, Bon Chon, Conti’s, Crisostomo’s, Ippudo, Hap Chan, Gong Cha, Max’s, Mesa, Krispy Kreme, Mary Grace, Kee Wah Bakery, Pancake House, Pepper Lunch, Ossu, Pho Hoa, Starbucks, Yabu, Sans Rival, Mary Grace, Ramen Nagi, Sumosam, Potato Corner, Le Petit Bizu, Cafe Breton, Bad Bowl, Paper Moon, UCC Park Cafe, and so many more.

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