The Villamaria Kitchen

The Villamaria Kitchen Launches Website, Introduces More Ma La Offerings

Get The Villamaria Kitchen's Ma La Noodles and Savory Ma La Pata for only P1,488!

Just three months since I’ve initially tried this home-based social media-only store, The Villamaria Kitchen has launched their own website where you can directly order to. Yes, no human interaction is required if you’re an anxious fella! However, their main goal is for them to be able to reach more foodies to provide a unique hard-to-find dish in Manila that even non-spicy food lovers will love.

Love Spicy Food? Try The Villamaria Kitchen’s Unique Stir Fry Ma La!

They’ve also made it easy to order through their website. Customers will only have to choose a base (chicken, pork, beef, or seafood), size (regular, half tray, or full tray), add-ons (an assortment of balls and mushrooms), and pay. If you need a little more convincing, you’ll also be able to see featured reviews from your favorite celebrities and food enthusiasts.

If you’re as big of a noodle fan as I am, you’d be happy to know that they now have Ma La Noodles where you can choose any Stir Fry Ma La base and add on egg noodles. The noodles have a good bite that compliments the different textures and flavors of the whole dish. Apart from their classic stir-fry ma la, their Ma La Pata is also a can’t-miss. Each order is recommended to be booked in advance as it is slow-cooked for about six hours. I was actually surprised how the meat easily falls off the bone!

To celebrate the new month and the launch of their new website, The Villamaria Kitchen has an exciting promo. Get their new Ma La Noodles and their Savory Ma La Pata for only P1,488 which are good for 5 to 6 people. The duo will be available until October 31, 2021. For orders, visit their website.


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Love Spicy Food? Try The Villamaria Kitchen's Unique Stir Fry Ma La!
The Villamaria Kitchen highlights its Spicy Stir Fry Ma La on their menu causing heatwaves around the metro.

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