‘Oy Croqueta’ is Now Serving Paella Croquettes with a Filipino Twist

Bite into crunchy rice balls in flavors like Adobong Pusit, Lechon, and Chorizo in this new establishment now open in SM Mall of Asia.

OY! Croqueta has finally docked in the Philippines, and it's set to give the hungry foodies the fusion of the Filipino and Spanish flavors in every bite of their uniquely-flavored croquetas. 

Located at the Ground Level of SM Mall of Asia, OY! Croqueta is a concept born out of the minds of 3 Spanish travel-entrepreneurs who fell in love with the Philippines and the Filipinos' passion for good food. With the desire to celebrate the shared heritage between the two countries, they decided to make something Filipino out of the Spanish specialty – the Paella Croqueta, which lets you enjoy your favorite ulam with rice in one single, crunchy bite of their croqueta.  

OY! Croquetas

For the Paella Croqueta, pasaheros get to choose from five different variants: Gulay Croqueta which combines the flavors of bagoong and sriracha; Adobong Pusit which resembles the Spanish Paella Negra; Lechon Croqueta which has chunks of lechon in it; Valenciana Pinoy which you can now enjoy even if there's nothing festive to eat it for; and Teriyaki which you can have if you suddenly find yourself craving for something Japanese. 

OY! Croqueta
Teriyaki Croqueton 
OY! Croqueta
Lechon and Adobong Pusit Croquetas

Because Filipinos love sweets and desserts in general, Oy! Croquetas also created 3 dessert croquetas in small sizes which they call Poppers. Choose from their Matcha Poppers topped with chocolate and roasted peanuts, Nutella Poppers with vanilla and banana chips, and Peanut Butter Poppers which is also topped with chocolate and banana chips. 

Dessert Croquetas
Peanut Butter, Matcha, and Nutella Poppers

These croquetas are also available in different sizes, so whether you're looking for a quick snack while strolling along the mall, or an actual meal to fill you and your barkada up, OY! Croqueta's got your back! 

Served in paper boats, Snack Trips give you a choice whether you want their Paella Croqueta as a Croqueton (P55 for a piece) or as Croquetas (P45 for 2 pieces). Meanwhile, the dessert croquetas are only available as Poppers (P30 for 3 poppers). 

Those who want a bigger meal may opt for the Solo Meal (P123) where you get 1 Croqueton, 2 Croquetas, and 3 Poppers, enough to already fill a hungry soul If you're with the barkada, however, their Barkada Meal (P369) would be the best deal as you get to share 3 Croquetons, 6 Croquetas, and 9 Poppers with everyone! Or you could eat them all if you want, no one's going to judge! 

Solo Meal
Solo Meal
Barkada Meal
Barkada Meal


OY! Croqueta is located at Ground Level, South Mall Parking Bldg., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. For more information, you may visit their official website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram

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