Man Ho welcomes Chinese New Year

Marriott Manila celebrates the most important festivity in the Chinese calendar, the Lunar New Year, by bringing traditional feasts to its Chinese restaurant, Man Ho.

Marriott Manila celebrates the most important festivity in the Chinese calendar, the Lunar New Year, by bringing traditional feasts to its Chinese restaurant, Man Ho. Since this is the best time for reunions, they created a lavish 10-course set menu fitting for 10 persons at Php 33,880++.

Man Ho Marriott Manila
The lavish 10-course Lauriat Menu for Chinese New Year at Man Ho

Man Ho is the signature Chinese fine dining outlet of Marriott International. It came to Manila last November 2016 bringing authentic flavors and ingredients from Hong Kong and China. Although it is a global brand, Marriott Manila designed Man Ho to fit the distinctive local palates. “Our kitchen team is run by Hong Kong native chefs, but our service still breathes the five-star Filipino hospitality,” said Executive Chef Meik Brammer.

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Steamed Lapu-lapu with light soy

Some of their highly favored dishes come together in this special set menu that are said to attract luck and abundance. Top of the list is Barbecue Combination that is already lavish on its own. It has roast duck, barbecue pork, soya chicken and century egg. Other light choices for appetizers are Fresh Scallop Salad and Celery with Prawn X.O sauce – that still remains to be a heavenly secret recipe.

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Chicken with Sea Moss thick soup

Cantonese cuisine is all about fresh and raw flavors resulting to healthy foods. Man Ho included specifically the Chicken with Sea Moss, a thick soup because it contains a lot of nutrients good for metabolism. That’s the kind of soup you want to start you meal, isn’t?

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Braised Bai Ling Mushroom

It will feel like there is an elephant in the room as large plates of main courses land on the table. Pan Fried Beef Fillet with black pepper sauce really does melt in your mouth and will keep one speechless. But the sounds of crisp bites can be heard from the Hong Kong-style Fried Chicken. Indulge also in luxe plates like Braised Bai Ling Mushroom, labeled as “prince of edible mushrooms” for its very tender quality, with assorted fresh vegetables. Speaking of fresh, Lapu-lapu cooked fresh from their aquarium is steamed in light sauce, and served straight to you.

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Assorted Barbecue Combination with roast duck, barbecue meat and soy chicken

In Chinese culture, rice is served in the end since it is only a filler, but Man Ho’s Fujian Rice is an entrée on its own as it is stuffed with seafood mushroom and vegetable cutlets. Desserts are more of palate-cleansers: traditional Nian Gao or Tikoy and fresh platter of fruits.

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Celery with Prawn in X.O. Sauce

Aside from the set menu, Man Ho also offers a Lunar New Year trademark, Poon Choi. Literally means, “Chinese casserole in a basin”, Poon Choi is a one-pot communal dish good for at least 10 persons signifies prosperity and affluence with over 8 items in it. An elaborate dish like this is made to order at least 2 days before. For only Php 15,888++, sink your fork into abalone, prawns, sea cucumber, dried fish maw, sea moss, marinated duck, dried scallops, taro and assorted vegetables. It also goes best with a whole lobster (cost of which varies depends on its seasonal price).

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Hong Kong style Fried Chicken

Furthermore, more auspicious Cantonese dishes are available in a la carte like the very rare Roasted Goose. There are also good fortune givers are luxe items like abalone, peking duck and variety of dumplings or dim sum. Be able to give luck or take it home with their Tikoy Gift Box for only Php 1,688. It has two koi fish-shaped tikoys in 470 grams and 210 grams respectively, and placed in a red oriental box. 

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Poon Choi with Lobster

These auspicious treats are now available at Man Ho until February 16, 2018. Marriott Manila also invites you to join their Lion and Dragon Dance ceremony on February 17 to close the festivities on a high note.

Man Ho Marriott Manila
Poon Choi with Lobster

Man Ho Chinese Restaurant is open daily for lunch at 12nn to 2:30pm and 6pm to 10pm. For inquiries, call +632988-9999 or visit To keep up on the hotel’s latest offerings, follow @marriottmanila at Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat; and @manilamarirott on Instagram.

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