1919 Chocolate

Have a Taste of Award-Winning Tree-To-Bar Craft Chocolates with 1919 Chocolate

1919 Chocolate is an award-winning, family-owned, tree-to-bar craft chocolate maker.

1919 Chocolate believes that flavor starts from the ground up. The cacao beans are sourced from a family-owned estate in Malvar, Batangas that was passed down from four generations. It is home to fruit-bearing heirloom Criollo cacao trees, some of which are almost 100 years old. Batangas is where the Spanish first planted cacao in Southeast Asia in the early 17th century. The farm’s heirloom cacao trees can trace their roots to this time.

The long history and heritage of the cacao trees combined with modern post-harvest and fermentation protocols as well as innovative techniques create the flavors that 1919 Chocolate is truly proud of.

1919 Chocolate recently garnered its second Silver Award for the 62% Dark Chocolate and a first Bronze Award for the 70% Dark Chocolate from the prestigious Academy of Chocolate 2021 (UK) under the Tree-to-Bar category.

Bestsellers include the award-winning 62% Dark Chocolate Bar, first-in-the-Philippines Toasted Milk + Strawberry White Chocolate and the Milk & Cereal Bar.


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