Don Papa Rum

Don Papa Launches A Stunning Bottle Of Their Limited Edition Port Cask Rum

Don Papa's limited edition Port Casks brings another dimension to the Don Papa drinking experience with its growing portfolio!

Don Papa Rum, the premium single-island rum from the island of Negros in the Philippines, launches its newest expression, the Port Casks. It is a limited edition, super-premium rum commemorating the quincentenary of the earth’s first circumnavigation, an epic voyage ultimately leading to the landing by the Spanish in the Philippines.

Distilled on the mystical and fertile island of Sugarlandia (the local name for Negros) and aged in the unique volcanic climate surrounding the foothills of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon, this intensely full-bodied expression (bottled at 40% ABV) has developed an additional layer of complexity. Initially aged two years in ex bourbon casks, the rum was then transferred into rich, ruby-hued Port Casks for an additional five years. 

Don Papa Port Cask Rum Notes

The result is a rum of a dark, spicy character with a warming, lingering fruitiness, bringing to life the majestic Port Casks. Deep notes of liquorice, polished oak, dark chocolate, and muscovado sugar, followed by zesty blood oranges, ripe red berries, and a subtle note of fresh vanilla, give this rum its unique taste profile. 

The Port Casks is presented in an intricately detailed surrealist design, reflecting aspects of the arduous three-year odyssey undertaken by Magellan; depicting the kaleidoscopic range of creatures found on Sugarlandia and the irreverence of Papa Isio, the revolutionary hero who inspired the Don Papa name. 

The new Port Casks Rum brings another dimension to the Don Papa drinking experience with its growing portfolio including the original Don Papa 7-year-old, Don Papa 10, Rare Cask, Sherry Cask, Sevillana Cask, and last year’s Rye Aged release.


Don Papa Port Casks (70cl) will be available in Ralph’s Wines & Spirits and this September!

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