Featured Image -Poison's Secret Doughnuts (1)

Poison Has 2 Secret Doughnuts You Can Now Order Online

Spoiler alert: these Secret Doughnuts are Filipino-inspired and definitely worth the calories!

There’s nothing like a secret menu to keep foodies intrigued. If you love trying out different donuts and dare for different takes on the snackable fried delight, then the new Secret Doughnuts of Poison Coffee & Doughnuts is right up your alley.

Poison's Secret Doughnuts

This secret menu can be found online when you browse the Off-Grid menu of The Grid’s delivery website. The two mystery doughnuts are currently best-sellers among Poison’s offerings, and even checking them out online gives you only the slightest of clues as to what they are, photos blurred and each doughnut simply labeled as Secret Doughnut #1 (P105) and Secret Doughnut #2 (P105). If you do a bit of sleuthing online, you’ll find more clues, and more and more foodies are posting about the doughnuts on their Instagram feed!

Poison's Secret Doughnuts are now available
The new Secret Doughnuts are P105 each

Curiouser and curiouser? We’re giving you full-on spoilers for these two new doughnuts. We dissect the two mystery doughnut flavors and discovered that these new treats are Filipino-inspired and definitely worth the calories.

Secret Doughnut #1

Inspired by a crunchy streetside or carinderia snack, this sourdough brioche doughnut has a caramelized coating sprinkled with sesame seeds. Bite into it and the filling reveals a delicious fruity compote of two ingredients: a combination that’s nostalgic and greatly enjoyed rolled up as a deep-fried spring roll treat.

Secret Doughnut 1 - Poison
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Secret Doughnut 1 Reveal - Turon

Secret Doughnut #2 

Secret Doughnut #2

This sourdough brioche doughnut is a personal favorite among the 2 mystery flavors. It takes one of the fruit components in Secret Doughnut #1, and combines it with the long-trending, here-to-stay local ingredient sporting its iconic purple color. Bite into the doughnut to enjoy a fruity custard combined with creamy purple filling. The crumbled topping is a nice addition, giving extra texture with your every bite!


Secret Doughnut 2 - Poison
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Secret Doughnut 2 reveal - Ube Langka Pie

Want to try the Secret Doughnuts for yourself? Order from Poison’s secret menu, available for pick-up and delivery, via bit.ly/shopoffgridph

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