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Sebastian’s Ice Cream Brings Back the Chubby Bar Bears to Serve Up This Summer’s Brownie-Filled Chubby Bars

This 2018 collection of premium Layered Ice Cream Bars (ice cream, dessert sauce, and brownie, dipped in chocolate!) features the return of the big boy endorsers and four brand new bar flavors to sweeten up your summer. Here's your first look!

If last February it was all about eating your feelings during the month of love, this summer, it's the season to be chubby at Sebastian's Ice Cream. Head sorbetero Ian Carandang bares it all — revealing the bears, that is — as the fun-loving endorsers of the 2018 Chubby Bar Collection return to chill with you this summer.

The Boys of Summer: It's all about Summer Fun as The Chubby Bar Bears (L-R: Toto, Fill, Stephen, and Kintaro) introduce the 2018 Collection of Chubby Bars

Ian Carandang has always been playing around with the idea of ice cream bars, and has a line of Dive Bars in his ice cream shop ever since. While the Dive Bars are ice cream dipped in different flavors and sprinkled with an assortment of toppings, he also experimented adding fudge and cake to these bars, but then shelved some of these ideas until the day that he ate a Twix bar. Eating the candy bar gave him that lightbulb moment. "I ate a Twix bar, and I was like… Wow! Cookie! Caramel! Chocolate! This is awesome," he exclaims, "It's crunchy, and gooey, and all these textures coming together. And I wanted to do this with a bar. So, I've already done a bar with fudge in it so when you bite into it, it oozes out. And I've done a cake… But what if I put them all together?"

2018 Chubby Bars

Carandang then shares about how he introduced his first ice cream endorsers for Sebastian's. "We've never had models for the ice cream and also there's no budget, I just thought it would just be fun to why not use my friends for the Chubby Bars?" Having many chubby friends and friends that are bears, he thought it would be a perfect fit for Chubby Bars. "And so, the Chubby Bears! And you know, I'm all about body positivity and body love," he says, "because you never see big people, larger people in ads eating ice cream. I mean come on, mga kumakain ng ice cream sa commercial, palaging payat! Come on, not really!" he says laughing.

Ian Carandang of Sebastian's Ice Cream

If Sebastian's Dive Bars flaunt all its textures on the outside, the Chubby Bars have their goods all tucked inside. It may seem quite low-key looking, but a big bite will reveal the many layers, textures and flavors that make each and every Chubby Bar stand out. All four Chubby Bars are coated with a softer chocolate dip, like a ganache, compared to the Dive Bars' crisp chocolate shell. One bite will introduce every layer distinctly, from the soft outer layer of chocolate dip, a layer of flavored ice cream, a layer of gooey dessert sauce, and the nice crunch of cookie.

Chubby Bars of 2018 (Top to Bottom):  Peppermint Brownie, Strawberry Brownie, Walnut Brownie, and Salted Caramel Brownie

For this year's collection, the crunch comes in the form of brownie brittle — all four have different flavors of brownie brittle and they are all baked in-house.


The Chubby Bears have become synonymous with Sebastian's and it has become a yearly tradition for them to model for the Chubby Bars, each year carrying a different theme. Last year's theme was K-Pop and this year it is Summer Fun– whatever the year or theme, they always carry along the good and fun-loving vibe plus the attitude of "Chubby is better" because it simply means that there is more to love and there are more good things inside — just like the Chubby Bars.

Here are the Chubby Bears presenting the Chubby Bars of 2018 for #SummerOfSebastians:

Among the four Chubby Bars, the Salted Caramel Brownie (caramel ice cream, salted butter caramel sauce, roasted peanut brownie brittle, dipped in chocolate) has a nostalgic charm to it because it really reminds you of a childhood candy bar, and so it is the predicted best selling flavor. While mint on dessert is a polarizing issue, I am all about embracing any mint chocolate creation and so the Peppermint Brownie (dark chocolate ice cream, peppermint creme, chocolate chip brownie brittle, dipped in chocolate) is a favorite and the best way to cleanse your palate after a savory meal (think After Eights or Andes chocolate mints, but in luscious ice cream form). Walnut Brownie (black walnut ice cream, fudge, walnut brownie brittle, dipped in chocolate) is a good surprise in that first bite, because instead of a typical layer of vanilla ice cream, you get that slight nutty bitterness from the walnut ice cream that balances out the fudge and brownie brittle. Another favorite is the Strawberry Brownie (Strawberry Ice Cream, strawberry compote, strawberry brownie brittle, dipped in chocolate), its fruity sweetness never cloying (more natural than sugary), so you get that great tanginess from the compote blending well with the ice cream.

Visit Sebastian's Ice Cream to try all four Chubby Bars — the stores are located at Ayala Vertis North and Regis Center Katipunan. For more information, visit Sebastian's Ice Cream on Facebook (Sebastiansicecream) and on Instagram (@sebastiansicecream).

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