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GUIDE: Where To Order Buttery Croissants in Manila

Looking for croissants in Manila? We've got you covered!

I’ve never been to France but it’s definitely on top of my travel bucket list and I sure do love a good croissant. While leisure travel isn’t as easy as it was pre-pandemic, doing the next best thing which is having croissants in Manila is achievable! I love croissants so much that if I could eat them every day without thinking about how much butter is in them, I would. Nonetheless, this buttery and flaky pastry is just too hard to turn down.

Whatever your preference be for a croissant, may that be a plain one, a pain au chocolat, or a caldereta croissant (yes, it exists!), you’ll actually be surprised how many places there are in the metro selling this delectable French pastry.

Panaderya Toyo

Located at The Alley at Karrivin along Pasong Tamo, Panaderya Toyo is an extension of the contemporary Filipino restaurant Toyo Eatery. Much like the restaurant, the bakery offers your neighborhood panaderya favorites and elevating it. They have a Sourdough Croissant (P160/pc) which has layers of butter and sourdough, and according to them: “lots of love and patience.”

If you prefer something different, the Coral (P160/pc) is a must-try. It’s a flaky coral-shaped croissant that’s also made with layers of butter and dough and glazed with Tublay lemon from Benguet. It’s sweet, sour, and just everything you would want in a pastry.

For orders, message them on Instagram for the complete list of bread and pastries available and send your order to 09177208630. Pick-up times are only from Tuesday to Saturday (11:30am to 4:30pm).


Wildflour Cafe

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering any Wildflour branch is their delectable offering of bread, pastries, cakes, and all kinds of desserts you can ever think of. Their Ube Croissant (P216/pc) is Wildflour’s flaky croissant filled with creamy ube halaya. It is also available in Little Flour.

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For orders, visit their website or via GrabFood.

Butterboy Bakehouse

A poll in a Facebook group asking where to get croissants in Manila was filled by recommendations for Butterboy so I naturally was curious. For as low as P54, you can get a croissant bigger than your palm. Butterboy is a small home-based business not by pastry chefs but an architect and a doctor instead. According to their website, their goal is to make croissants at an affordable price and celebrating this bread-and-butter pastry through different flavors. And true enough, they have unique and interesting flavors like Caldereta Croissant (P140), Tom Yum Goong Croissant (P140), Char Siu Croissant (P127.50), and many more.

They also release limited flavors which run for a month. For July, they have a Pistachio Cube Croissant, Raspberry Cheesecake Croissant, and Taro Croissant. Pro tip: If you don’t get a slot as it gets filled up fast on their website, they post extra boxes with assorted croissants on their Instagram stories so make sure to follow them.

For orders, visit their website.

Bungalow Cafe

Located in Alabang, Bungalow Cafe is a quaint cafe serving all-day breakfast, warm meals, pastries, and other delectable desserts. It may be far if you live up north but good thing you can seamlessly order through their website and have it picked up by your chosen delivery service. They have an awesome lineup of croissants, both sweet and savory — Pistachio Pain Au Chocolat, Macadamia Caramel Croissant, Truffle Mushroom Croissant, Tomato & Ricotta Croissant, and more — priced at P100 to P180 apiece.

For orders, visit their website.

Croissant Lady PH

What’s noteworthy about Croissant Lady is they offer freshly baked and frozen croissants which you can bake for yourself at home. Their Frozen French Butter Croissants are laminated and ready to bake at home and range from P360 to P630 only. Imagine having freshly baked croissants anytime you want and how your home would smell like a French patisserie! Can’t decide what to get? Order the sampler box (P390 to P780) which includes butter croissants and pain au chocolat.

For orders, visit their order form website.

Ijo Bakery

Ijo Bakery may be located in Batangas but they actually have Manila drops every Tuesday so that’s something to look forward to weekly! They have classic and special flavors like Dulce Banana Croissant, Bicolor Strawberry, Spicy Sausage Floss Croissant, and Spicy Floss Croissant, priced at P95 to P160 only. They also have Cruffins which is a blend of croissant and muffin. These are stuffed with vanilla custard, guava cream cheese, or a hazelnut filling, priced at P130 apiece.

For orders, message them at 09457295257 or on Instagram.

Paris Délice

Do you want a taste of modern authentic Parisian fast food? Paris Délice uses ingredients imported from France and everything is made daily with the freshest local ingredients. Everything on the menu is affordable without compromising the quality and taste. You can order croissants per piece or choose to get their Discovery Box (P700) filled with a butter croissant, pain au chocolat, cinnamon swirl, raisin swirl, apple turnover, and torsade.

For orders, visit their website.

28 Derby

28 Derby has a simple goal: to bridge a gap between high-end artisanal bakeries and cheap, commercial brands. They started as a home-based business providing sourdough bread to their close circle and have slowly made their way to restaurants and cafes. Now, you can find classic favorites like croissants, brioche, ciabatta, and even buns on their menu. Their classic croissant is available a piece or a box of 12, priced at P75 to P650. If you’re looking for something different, get a loaf of Monroe (P350/half; P650/full) which is a combination of a croissant and brioche.

For orders, visit their website.

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