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Love Spicy Food? Try The Villamaria Kitchen’s Unique Stir Fry Ma La!

The Villamaria Kitchen highlights its Spicy Stir Fry Ma La on their menu causing heatwaves around the metro.

Are you into the mouth-numbing wonders of ma la? You need to check out The Villamaria Kitchen then!

Much like other food businesses which opened during the pandemic, husband and wife Froilan and Tanya decided to open their kitchen to create unique meals and reach more people. Having worked in Singapore for years, they decided to introduce their version of Spicy Stir Fry Ma La to the Philippines which he learned to cook from the hawkers and stalls in Chinatown,

“I haven’t seen or tried spicy stir fry ma la here in Manila,” shares Tanya. And I concur. The Villamaria Kitchen features its Spicy Stir Fry Ma La and Ma La Pata on their menu causing heatwaves around the metro. Customers can choose from their meat options: Pork, Chicken, Beef, and Seafood, all are reasonably priced at P600 to P650. Each serving includes broccoli, potatoes, mushrooms, and street food balls like squid, lobster, mushroom, and chicken. There’s also an option to add more of the meat and extras.

Upon ordering, you’ll be asked to fill out the basics and this includes the spice level: mild, medium, or spicy. According to Tanya, the recommended spice level is medium but I was feeling adventurous so I got the spicy one. For someone who has a high tolerance in spicy food, the heat is manageable but ma la has a unique charm to it causing numbing and tingling sensation in the mouth. So you better brace yourself for that. For its price, I was actually surprised at how generous the serving is, it’s good for two to three people.

Froilan is back in Singapore so Tanya is now all hands on deck in their business. They’ve recently released Vegetarian and Keto-Friendly options for their Stir Fry Ma La, and they’re continuously looking for exciting add-ons to compliment their platters. At the moment, they’re working on new dishes to add to their menu and we’re definitely keeping an eye on them!


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For orders, message them on Facebook or Instagram. You may also call or text them at 09175078140.

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