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Back in the day when writing on a “wall” was considered vandalism and to “poke” a stranger was offensive, people counted on surveys to find out how warmly appreciated a product is. Well, they still count on statistics now—especially corporations and businesses. But if it’s just to find out whether or not the product is a good buy (i.e. is this brand of shoe durable, will I get my money’s worth in this shop, et cetera), checking on its Facebook fan page, sometimes, is enough. More fans equate to more satisfied customers; it’s really that simple.

Having said that, you might have guessed right that it was through Facebook that I found about Big Daddy’s Chicken. I remember landing on their fan page when a friend “liked” it. From then on, I was a walking question mark dying to taste and know about this chicken-- apparently so special that fans spell “delicious” with all those extra S’s in their comments. Another follower even boldly wrote of Big Daddy’s chicken chops as “the best chicken in the world!” After reading that, I knew I had to fit in my schedule a trip to any of their three branches. With over 8,000 “likes” to boot as of press time, I was pretty confident that a lunch at Big Daddy’s Chicken would please. Or at the very least, it would not disappoint. And true enough, it didn’t.

I made my way to their Mall Of Asia branch, which is nearest to my area. Located in front of the mall's bowling center is Big Daddy's Chicken-- a small cut out space with misty doors and walls. Their dining area, which seats about twenty, is located outside because it is impossible to stay inside for more than ten minutes and come out as fresh-smelling prior to entering. Tip: Choose your meals by consulting the menu stand right by the dining area then settle your orders inside as fast as you can. However appetizing the smell of fried chicken is, you wouldn't want to be wearing it as perfume for the rest of the day.

Big Daddy’s Chicken has a fairly compact menu. There’s of course the Big Daddy’s Famous Chops, where set meals for both the chicken and pork version of these chops are listed. Prices are the same whether you prefer the chicken or the pork. Just The Chop would cost you P80. A chop with rice and soup costs P90. But if you prefer to pair your chop with creamy pasta instead of rice, prepare to shell out P95.

Milk Tea pairs well with their dishes.

Picking from among those options is easy. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to be filled to the brim by the large slabs of breaded chicken breasts they take pride on. I tell you. The keyword in here is “big.” Though devouring just the chop is surely enough to satisfy my appetite, I still prefer it paired with rice and some (instant) mushroom soup. The hard part in deciding comes in choosing which flavor of chops to order. They currently have five: original, lemon, chili, nori, and plum.

Plum, the strangest flavor to imagine, was what I tried first. True enough, it was... strange, albeit in a very interesting way.

Plum Chicken Chop

At first I kept on telling myself that it was sweet and I like it. And to someone who avoided plums (which register to my palate as over sized raisins) whenever she could, that was a surprise. It took me halfway through the humongous chop before I finally found the perfect way to describe its flavor. It tastes like chocolate-- just like the sweet brown powder I lick off my fingers after finishing a well-loved chichirya when I was young. No wonder I loved it.

But it wasn't until I moved on to the next flavor that I realized that the Plum chicken chop was really more sweet than savory-- not a problem apparently since many people crave for this. Those seeking for a safer, more traditional flavor though, might find the Lemon chop better.

Lemon Chicken Chop

With this one though, it tasted exactly how I imagined it to. The meat itself was slightly tangy. It must have spent hours swimming in lemon marinade. The breading is your usual salt, pepper, and sprinkling of vinegar flavoring.

Another flavor that seems far-fetched when combined with chicken is Nori.

Nori Chicken Chop

The seaweed, normally used to hold a sushi together, is shredded into bits then peppered all over in this chicken chop. However hard it is to picture how something that tastes rather "fishy," and slightly bitter would blend with chicken, it worked well in this particular chop. Thankfully, the "sea" part of the seaweed wasn't that discernible.

This particular chop is the saltiest among all the flavors so better balance it with the sweet and creamy Alfredo pasta they offer.

I tried the Original chop last, mainly because I figured that it would be the least special among the variants. But I was wrong. I ended up liking it more than any variant else.

Original Chicken Chop

The original flavoring registered to me as the most balanced among all. It wasn't as sweet as the plum, neither as acidic as the lemon; compared to the nori, it was less salty. But all that together, I think, is the very reason why I, as well as most of the 8,000 fans of Big Daddy's Chicken, love the chicken chop. The original chicken chop doesn't strain your taste buds figuring out which flavors is which. It's crispy and enjoyable-- plain and simple like that.

Many friends "liked" this picture when I uploaded it.

A trip to get a taste of Big Daddy's Famous Chicken Chops is well-worth it. Surely, they don't have 8,000+ fans for nothing. The chops are big, cheap, and highly enjoyable. What's not to "like"? And oh, while you're at it giving this restaurant a virtual thumbs up, go ahead and "share" this article with your "friends".

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