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The Good Sisig, Tokwa’t Tokwa, Rice Craters, Mozzarella Sticks , Bechamel, Bechamel Mucho and Lime Chicken with Alfredo Sauce

I first caught wind of Nomnomnom when a friend was raving about it and insisted that we try it out together. To be honest, if it weren’t for my friend, I would’ve never guessed that a restaurant like Nomnomnom can be found in that area. However, I think the obscure location actually adds to the restaurant’s charm.

Nomnomnom’s “shabby chic” interiors

On the outside, Nomnomnom looks like a cool college hangout, quite spacious with an interesting mix of knick knacks that make for its unique décor. Even though it was quite off from the “Greece meets Italy” vibe that my friend described it to be, what I found was adorable nonetheless. The intimate setting also makes it ideal for a romantic date or for a cozy lunch or dinner with friends. When we first dropped by, the restaurant was catering to a mixed group of customers, college kids and business women, which shows how in a short span of time, the restaurant has already been able to attract a diverse following.

A mishmash of photographs, knick knacks and curios add to Nomnomnom’s charming interiors

Enjoy good conversations with friends coupled with Nomnomnom’s signature comfort food for a more chillax night out

Nomnomnom is the brainchild of operating managers Mara Bernaldo, Carina Altomonte and several other partners. It was put up in March 2009 with the initial concept of providing more vegetarian options, menu items that are tasty enough that even meat eaters wouldn’t notice the difference. Given that Carina has been a vegetarian since she was nine years old, it made it easier for them to come up with healthy dishes, which has been the main selling point of their menu. Although the restaurant doesn’t serve strictly vegetarian fare, there’s also seafood, chicken dishes and not so guilt-free comfort food. Either way, Mara points out, what they want is to give their clients options, “We want our customers to eat happy; yummy food is always happy food,” says Mara.

Indulge and let Nomnomnom’s selection of unique dishes keep the good vibes flowing.

With regard to the quirky name of their restaurant, Mara shares that they simply picked it up from anime shows – referring to the sound that the characters make whenever they are eating good food. “It sounds catchy enough and I think we never thought of any other name besides Nomnomnom.”

Flavored brewed iced tea

Now on to this so-called “happy food”, “We have pastas, freshly-made pizza, rice meals, desserts…there are a lot of items in our menu which you wouldn’t commonly see in other restaurants here and are only served in Nomnomnom like our Kangkong Ravioli, Hemp Pesto, Stuffed Tomatoes, Pizza Bomba, Enchilada, Rice Craters etc.,” shares Mara. She describes their menu lineup as just a mix of food that they, the owners, love to eat and whenever they have a new idea for a dish, they make it a point to include it in their menu lineup right away.

When it comes to the restaurant’s bestsellers, there’s actually a lot, like the Malinomnomnom Pizza with tinapa, kesong puti, tomato, red onion and red egg; The Good Sisig (P95) which is basically tofu sisig and has become a favorite among beer drinkers; Tokwa’t Tokwa (P110) is Nomnomnom’s tasty version of Tokwa’t Baboy – made with tokwa and crispy tofu skin; and Pizza Bomba which is basically a deep fried pizza ball served with some sauce and is available in different flavors. Other must-tries include the Rice Craters (prices range from P95 to P130) which is Nomnomnom’s version of rice toppings that have either nori and sesame seeds or butter and chives; diners can then choose from Good Sisig, Chick Lollipops, Stir-fried Squid, Veggie Nuggest, and Veggie Curry for their viand. For more healthy options there’s Seafood Cartoccio (baked seafood pasta with shrimps, clams, and squid - P210, Clams Pasta (clams in buttery white wine sauce - P170), Prom Pasta (sunflower seeds, fresh tomatoes, basil, capers plus some secret herbs - P150, Summer Salad (leafy greens, tomatoes, apples, onions, cream cheese, sunflower, and hemp seeds with honey mustard dressing - P110, Asian Salad (leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, nori, green pea chips and oranges with mango dressing - P110), and Blue Cheese Salad (leafy greens, olives, cucumber, and onion with blue cheese dressing - P120).

Nomnomnom’s take on the classic mozzarella sticks

For starters my friend and I indulged in a generous serving of Mozzarella Sticks (P150), which is so yummy and quite filling actually. Then I had the Bechamel, Bechamel Mucho (breaded eggplant with béchamel sauce served with corn and carrots plus spring onion rice - P120, which is just like what Mara claimed, so tasty that you tend to forget that what you’re actually having are veggies.

Bechamel, Bechamel Mucho

My friend though had Lime Chicken with Alfredo Sauce (P160), which is still a healthy option especially when compared to the usual fastfood fare. To cap off our delightful meal, we shared an order of Macarons & Tea (P150), a trio of assorted macarons and served with your choice of coffee or tea. For something unique and thoroughly satisfying, our bill of P600+ was well worth it.

Lime Chicken with Alfredo Sauce

Just desserts: assorted macarons (French light cookie made with crushed almonds) with hot tea

If you’re planning to pay Nomnomnom a visit, do take note that this quirky restaurant occasionally holds different events which range from acoustic nights, movie nights, eating contests and even barbecue cookouts. Make sure to visit its blog to keep updated on Nomnomnom’s next big event. If you’re tired of the usual club scene during weekends, then opt to bring your barkada or your date to Nomnomnom instead.

Nomnomnom is located at 1 Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, you may contact them through 502-2919 or 0917-8250338. For more on Nomnomnom you can check out

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