The Music Bar

The Music Bar

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"Oh my. I feel like I'm in James Bond's private penthouse or something!"

That's what I said upon taking a step into The Music Bar. The place, in a word, is captivating. My friends who were also invited to the event also had their own versions of the wow! moment that swept us as soon as we stepped in. "It can totally pass as a club in L.A.!" "I've seen something like this in one of the TV shows I'm watching. I can't remember what in particular, though." "How come it's only now that I've been here?!" "Ooooh! I'm totally recommending this as the next location for our shoot!" And the chorus of amazement went on and on as we toured the place. The comments, however different they were, all resounded one question: How come no one talks about what's perhaps the chicest videoke place in the metro?

Yup, we have such a place right here in Manila, right on the 6th floor of Hyatt Hotel And Casino Manila.

The Music Bar
Celebrate your events VIP style and choose from among seven luxuriously designed music pod videoke rooms at the Music Bar in Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila.

The bigger surprise however is that it has been there for ages! Okay, maybe a just a couple of years, but a place this grand can easily create a buzz, especially among people who continually organize events. Being curious much, I've taken a little time off and asked around for more info about the place while everyone else proceeded to the event.

The Music Bar is composed of an impressive main hall and 7 music pods of different designs and sizes. The main hall, which still manages to maintain class despite the screaming red all over, is what greets everyone upon entering the Music Bar.

This portion of the bar is reserved as the reception most of the time and is booked for the much bigger launches requiring an equally grand bar. I'm loving the swanky feel of the main bar which is very straightforward. The cushioned metal stools, which blends comfort and ultramodern, are note worthy as the rest of the mismatched lounges and chairs on the same floor.

The rate for booking the main hall is not included in the rate card I got, but it is available for reservations from Monday to Thursday. I was told that a local designer held a launch there earlier this year. Audiovisual needs, projectors, and screens are all available for usage and set up.

The main hall wowed me but I have to say I'm more in love with the private music pods available for mini parties. These intimate rooms are all equipped with 100-inch mini theater screens, a Medusa KTV system, wireless microphones and their own mini bars and comfort rooms. What's more is that each pod also comes with a bartender to attend to your needs. Sweet, indeed!

The seven rooms differ in terms of the size and theme to suit your party needs. I've toured them all and I must say that each room definitely has its own character. It would be a lot easier if they'd tag each of the music pods with a name rather than calling each and every one by number. So for the purpose of my article, I'd be calling them with my 'recommended' names which I think fit them best.

In my opinion, 'Victorian Suite' is the classiest of them all, and therefore my favorite.

Victorian Suite

The rate card says that this room is good for 15 people and is priced at P20,000. I however think that this can easily fit in 20 to 30 people. Comfortably, that is. An extra person though would be charged P1,000 in excess of 15. Price includes free use of the KTV and DVD system plus consumable food and drinks. I can totally imagine a Victorian themed party happening in here.

A smaller pod, 'Whitespace' comes next.

The Whitespace

Most ladies, I was told, prefer this room. The simplistic all-white design of the pod and the cozy leather couches always get thumbs up for those seeking the perfect blend of chic and comfort. With consumable food and drinks for 8 people, this is priced at P12,000. Planning an all-white party? I'd say the Whitespace is perfect!

Another room somehow targeted to the sexy vixens out there is the 'Crimson Corner.' If you think the Whitespace is too timid for you, then this luscious red room might appeal to your wild side. Just like the Whitespace, this pod is good for 8 people, and is priced at P12,000 -- food and drinks, consumable.

Crimson Corner

It's not exactly for the boys, but its neutral shade and toned down vibe appeal to men. Bachelors will appreciate the 'Golfer' room's neat features. This much more subdued room, in a pistachio green hue, appears more structured thanks to simplistic shelves as accents. Also considered a small room, this is priced at P12,000.

But real epic parties call for something bigger; therefore, 'The Penthouse.'

The Penthouse

I know it's not really a penthouse situated atop Hyatt. However, stepping into this 82 square meter pad would give you the same feel. The biggest of the pods would take you back P40,000 for 30 people. Just like for the rest of the pods, an additional P1,000 will be charged for each extra guest.

Have always wanted to throw a private party with friends but your condo or living room just doesn't seem enough a space? Then The Penthouse maybe your best option.

Packages include use of the private pods for four hours. Additional rates will be charged in excess of that. For those who don't complete the minimum number of people required to book a room and interested to use the KTV system, P600 will be charged per person per hour.

The venue alone is super, but wait till I tell you about the food selections available. After all, such a great venue calls for equally great food, right?

During the event, we were served with more than your usual KTV pica-pica fare.

Dimsum, of LiLi fame, are of course something to look forward to. Hyatt's dimsum holds a special place high atop in my list of favorites among what's available in the different Chinese restos out there. It being an available selection in the Music Bar alone made my day.

Assorted Dimsum

The Gambas is also something you can order. I love how it's also of the same quality as Lili's Hakkao -- always fresh and never gummy!

There's also some Nachos, which I'm pleased is meat-loaded. This has been the group's favorite chow while singing our hearts out in the karaoke.


The Seafood Platter and the Buffalo Wings were consumed quickly as soon as they were put down in our table.

Buffalo Wings

I wish they'd put more in each of their servings, considering how easily tempuras and calamari can disappear when shared by a group.

Seafod Platter

Chef Jesse Factor, whom I got to speak with after, is pretty proud of the chicken strips which according to her were originally made for kids as chicken nuggets. The adults apparently love it, so she made a grown-up version by turning them into strips. The strips were highly addicting, indeed. No wonder those adults loved them.

Chicken Strips

Complimentary Nuts Platter

As for the videoke session that happened after the event, it was a blast! Thanks to the karaoke's updated system, Lady Gaga's songs dominated the night. Classics from Bonnie Tyler (yup, that song as always!), The Beatles, Queen, Spice Girls and the boy bands were also most requested. Nothing else could spell "great night" much better.

Party VIP style in the metro's chicest KTV place. For inquiries and reservations, visit the 6th Level of Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. Call (632) 245-1234.
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