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Pan de Plato, Chicken Schinitzel Sandwich, Kesong Puti with Pesto Sandwich, Corned Beef Sandwich, Pan Ala Cubana and Pandesal Pudding ala Mode

The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar is just over a year old, but has been a popular, casual hangout for people wanting their pandesal fix with a modern twist. My most recent visit there was again a satisfying and appetizing one, as I got to try out the latest additions to their menu.

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The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar
Kudos to The Bread Bag for making me believe that our little humble pandesal can give a whopping good meal!

As expected, their new items are as hefty as the original line-up of pandesal sandwiches. All pan de plato and pandesals are still served with camote chips. The Clubhouse (P122) promises to fill you up just as much as a rice meal can. The pandesal is loaded with classic club sandwich ingredients -- tuna, bacon, onions, tomatoes, and cheese.


The Bread Bag previously featured the Ultimate Ham Pandesal (P122) as their sandwich of the month. I hope they've decided to included it as part of their regular menu, because it's an easy favorite. Ham, egg, and bread are a trio that's simply harmonious to the palate. Note that the kind of ham they use is one that reminds you of Christmas. Remember those thick slices of sweet-salty ham that are left over from noche buena, and how you pop them in the toaster to make yourself a sandwich?

Ultimate Ham Pandesal

Another familiar dish is pandesal-ized at Bread Bag with the Chicken ala King (P122). The serving we got for our lunch was overflowing with the chicken toppings, that it was impossible to bite into it as a sandwich. Eat it as an open-faced sandwich to make things easier. Their version is more chunky than creamy, less of the sauce and more of the crisp veggie bits and diced chicken.

Chicken ala King

I must say, I liked the Hungarian Sausage with Sauerkraut (P122) the most, since -- well, okay -- sausages and sauerkraut is one of my comfort food picks. The firm texture and mild peppery flavor of the sausage goes well with little shreds of tangy sauerkraut. A bite into the sandwich becomes a softer, pillowy experience, thanks to the use of pandesal instead of a baguette (which is usually hard and crisp).

hungarian sausage with sauerkraut

New Offerings at The Bread Bag
The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar recently revamped their menu to offer tapas, drinks, and more pandesal items to fill your tummy. Jigger Galvez tells us more about it.

The Bread Bag has something to offer for post-dinner food trips and those looking for a simple nightcap. Now that they've added wine and beer to their beverage list, it was just high time to introduce some tapas to the customers.


Familiar pulutan favorites are enjoyed with their Calamares (P133), Gambas (P155), and Mushroom Adobo (P111). All their tapas include toasted pandesal rounds, and a siding of the signature Casa Marcos sauce which is deliciously tangy that makes it perfect for pandesal dip.

Have your tapas paired with pandesal rounds at Bread Bag


I was instantly drawn to their version of mushroom adobo, because it's the stuff of 'inuman comfort food' -- oily and zesty. The rich flavor was easily complimented by the pandesal rounds, I enjoyed topping the pandesal with the mushrooms and drizzling a bit of the Casa Marcos sauce on top.

Mushroom Adobo

To end your meal you might want to try out their hot beverages. Bread bag has its own coffee blend, and a cup of Barako (P66) or Hot Choco (P66) never fails to perfectly match pandesal. You can get your coffee Extra Strong (P66), if you need an extra kick in your system. The newest additions to their caffeinated line are the Espresso (P66), Cappuccino (P77), and Latte (P88), all reasonably priced compared to coffee shops that populate the metro.


If you're still not stuffed with their range of pretty filling pandesal meals, then their Pandesal Ice Cream (P111) will definitely fill you up. Two scoops of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate, take your pick) sandwiched in pandesal french toast soaked in homemade caramel sauce is extremely gut-busting, so order this to share.

Ice Cream Pandesal

If you're a pandesal purist who wants the bread plain and fresh and hot, you can still order them by piece or a baker's dozen (in regular or in wheat). Or perhaps you're an on-the-go eater who wants a quick but filling meal with savory sandwiches, or maybe that hardworking office fellow looking for a different kind of nightcap to cool down a day's work... Fret not, for The Bread Bag offers you a comforting piece pandesal, just the way you like it.

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