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Elfav Ice Creamery

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Beer Flavored Ice Cream, Yakult Sherbet, Healthy Malunggay Flavored Ice Cream, Bailey’s and Tequila Rose

Tequila Rose, yakult, malunggay, beer, Bailey’s, and bubblegum. What do all these items have in common? At the El Fav Ice Creamery, you’ll find this odd assortment in their ice cream menu. Drawn by the premise of alcoholic ice cream, I dragged three friends to explore the El Fav’s strange yet tantalizing flavors.

The El Fav branch we visited is found in the Pergola Mall, a commercial center located along Aguirre St. in Paranaque City. The interior is designed like a quaint, vintage ice cream parlor. Although the space is small, the ambience invites you to lay back and chill out. There’s even a table with a chess set for anyone with enough time to sit down and challenge their friend to a game.

Excited to taste the unique flavors, we each ordered the available alcoholic flavors. The Premium Flavors (such as bubblegum, cappuccino fudge, and strawberry) cost P40 (1 scoop) and P70 (two scoops). The Super Premium Flavors (namely the alcoholic beer, Bailey’s, and the stranger choices like malunggay) are priced at P60 (one scoop) and P100 (two scoops).


I opted for the simplest yet most popular form of alcohol: beer. True to its name, the cream tasted of beer minus the bitter aftertaste. Non-beer drinkers could enjoy El Fav’ cold mix thanks to the addition of sugar and cream. The flavor is easy to absorb, without the overwhelming bitterness that usually comes with a beer drink. Although I wouldn’t recommend it to people who totally dislike beer. My friend Sam, who is completely averse to beer’s taste, couldn’t bring herself to enjoy the ice cream.


The oddest flavor we ordered was the malunggay. Thankfully, it didn’t totally taste like the actual vegetable. The sugar-filled goodness persisted as we tasted the green cream. The malunggay ingredient made itself known with a slight bitterness. It was a sweet, strange, yet interesting experience of two flavors competing in your mouth. Taste buds unfamiliar with the taste of malunggay might mistaken this ice cream as a more bitter version of pistachio.

The Yakult ice cream brought all of us back to our childhood. In just two scoops, El Fav was able to bring out the taste of all five bottles in a Yakult packet bought at the supermarket. Unlike other ice creams that overdose on the sugar, the Yakult version had just the right amount. Yakult addicts who aren’t satisfied with one bottle can get a complete fill with two scoops of this ice cream.


Bailey’s ice cream won everyone’s vote as the best tasting flavor. It managed to carry the drink’s smooth, sensual flavor while cooling you down from the summer heat. Sam even felt light headed after finishing the 2 scoop serving of this ice cream. We weren’t exactly tipsy but our bodies definitely got a subtle punch from the Bailey’s.

These ice creams come with a free addition of rice crispies or cone crunchies. Other toppings such as rainbow sprinkles, choco sprinkles, crushed cookies, mini nips, walnuts, peanuts, marshmallow, and red vermicelli cost a little extra. The marshmallow costs P5 while the rest are priced at P10.

We capped off our summer treat pig-out by ordering the “Make Your Sundae Option.” Making your own sundae is done in three steps. First, order your preferred ice cream flavor. Next, add any of the following toppings: banana, cookies, cherry, marshmallows, and sprinkles. Lastly, add syrup (P10) or soften it up with some whipped cream (P15). Our sundae had one scoop of the Turones de Kasuy, chocolate sprinkles, and whipped cream. The turones de kasuy ice cream is recommended for nut addicts. The cashews were plentiful and went well with the sugary additions. Our sundae only cost P100, and that one scoop was enough for sharing!

After feasting on cold treats, Sam and I ate in reverse by ordering the T-bone Steak (P99) and the Eggplant Parmigiana (P99). Both these meals came with free ice cream samplers. Both dishes reminded us of college food, enough to fulfill hunger but not exactly a gourmet treat. The steak came with a few vegetables, and butter-heavy gravy. The Eggplant Parmigiana offered a complete meal as well, coming with four bread pieces.

Our ice cream adventure ended with the meal’s free ice cream samplers: chocolate chilli and cappuccino fudge. The cappuccino fudge was rich in coffee flavor, with the fudge coming in huge, decade chunks. As for the chocolate chilli, we were all rather hesitant and unsure what to expect from the taste. Unlike the malunggay, there was no competition between differing flavors. Instead, the tongue is introduced to a pleasing chocolate flavor. All of a sudden, your taste buds are surprised by a spicy flavor. The spice isn’t too pungent and only gives a slight kick.

Chocolate Chilli

Cappuccino Fudge

El Fav’s ice cream selections are so rich in flavor you won’t feel robbed by the double digit prices. Think of it as a cooled down version of French cuisine: you’re paying for the quality and not the quantity.. We definitely didn’t regret trying out as much as our bellies and tongues could handle. Visiting this parlor is really exploring the possibilities of flavor. Leave your taste inhibitions behind if you decide to visit this quaint, humble parlor.

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Elfav Ice Creamery

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