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Burgers and coffee are as compatible as Batman and er, Stevie Wonder. No offense to the great singing legend (and you, too Mr. Wayne), but I just couldn't think of some pair else as awkward that tandem. So when I learned of Stackers Burger Cafe recently put up in Eastwood, I immediately tagged along a friend to find out what exactly a "burger cafe" is and how well (or unwell) burgers and coffee mingle under one roof.

I can't remember what stood on the place before, but Stackers Burger Cafe now occupies the lot facing the new Eastwood Mall-- yes, that one beside Il Pirata. Standing in an advantageous spot with a lot of pedestrian traffic, it is very hard to miss.

Stackers Burger Cafe
What makes a Stackers Burger? Find out as Marketing Manager Tricel Nava talks about the newest 24/7 burger joint in Eastwood.

Facade-wise, Stackers looks like your typical brown-hued cafe. If not for the Burger Cafe boldly printed in its signage, one wouldn't know that they serve burgers here as the place is stripped off of the screaming bold colors of a typical burger joint.

Interiors-wise though, it doesn't look like a cafe at all. I know. A lot of identity crisis going on here huh? It is pretty much set up as a fast food burger joint (still without the flashy colors) with a counter in front, a soda fountain-ish bar seating, and several groups of tables orderly placed all over the resto. There's generous amount of space, sunshine, and Twilight on its TV screen (the movie playing that time) so definitely, nothing like the crampy and dimly lit cafe chains. Hey, that's good right?

If the look of the place was kinda in between, their menu wasn't. Save for the short line of coffee printed at the latter part, comfort food dominated the food offerings. Burgers (the menu claims they're Auss'm)? Check. Chicken Nuggets? Check. Fries? Check. Caesar Salad? Check. Burger in a Bowl? Che... wait. Now I have to try that.

Like I said, the front page promises Auss'm burgers. I learned in the next that they use pure Australian beef therefore, Auss'm. It was also stated there that you can choose your own stack that will suit your fancy and budget. Truthfully, they have ample choices in their burgers department. The Stackers Classics has 6 variants of burgers ranging from P95 to P285. That one costing P285 is temptingly called Extra Massive, with triple patty and triple cheese sandwiched in between. Mouthwatering? Very! Sadly, I wasn't that hungry that time so i decided to skip it.

They also have the Premium Stackers-- their line of quarter pounders. According to the menu, they are not for the faint of heart. Well, I'm not, so I ordered the Jack Burger (P225), which also happens to be one of their best sellers.

My friend on the other hand ordered the Pepper Burger (P165), classified under the Stackers Originals. Aside from our burgers, we got the Asian Burger Bowl (P138), the Mozzarella Sticks (P115), and 3 pcs. Chicken and Fries (P205).

I told you. I'm not that hungry.

Anyway, service was pretty quick. One by one, our orders started arriving at the table. The Asian Burger Bowl was well, literally a burger in a bowl. On top of the shredded vegetables mixed and tossed in what looks like a thick hoisin based dressing, was a burger patty, crowned with crispy strips and cheese. The serving came in evidently generous for an appetizer. Two people could share but if you're ordering this your main, then don't share.

Asian Burger Bowl

Overall, the dish was pretty enjoyable. Veggies were crisp, more importantly. Patty was juicy and salty enough to liven everything up. The oriental dressing, too was able to keep me wanting more and more. This is good for those who wants burger, but would rather skip the buns.

The Mozarella Sticks that came in after were also a treat. Aside from the fact that anything mozarella is an instant treat, the ranchero dip that came in with five breaded sticks made everything even more adorable. Prepare to get addicted! I am.

Mozarella Sticks

Both our burgers came next. Five inches in diameter and both weighing a quarter of a pound, it was hard to determine who stood out between the two.

The Jack Burger, is almost everyone's ideal burger with lotsa mushrooms, cheese, ranch dressing and bacon. With that size, expect it to weigh you down.

Jack Burger

The Pepper Burger on the other hand has pepper crusted patty, mozarella, tomato, and pepper steak sauce in addition to what comprises a regular burger. Stronger in flavor, I liked this one a little better.

Pepper Burger

After eating too much patties already, devouring the 3pcs. Chicken and Fries we ordered posed a little challenge. However, when the three bigger than average chicken parts arrived in our table in their golden brown glory, our stomachs failed to resist.

Chicken and Fries

We ended up chomping down each of our shares in no time and saving the spare for take out.

With our appetites almost screaming "Enough! We're too full!", we remembered that we were in a cafe and oh yes, there's brewed coffee! I got Cappuccino (P75) and she got Flat White (P60).

Aha! Now we know how burger cafes work. You may or may not fancy drinking them with your tummy loader burgers, but definitely, you'll need them after your filling meal. Honestly, who would want 3 in 1 as a finale?

Good burgers require good coffee, and good thing Stackers has them both.
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