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Mother's Day and Valentine's Day easily rank as two of the busiest days of the year for those concerned in the food business. That may be true for most restaurants but it could not be any truer than how it is in the well-loved mommy place, Mrs. Fields.

The goodies that made Mrs. Fields famous.

The American kitchen vibe, the handwriting logo, the scarlet color scheme, and the name Mrs. Fields itself all scream "mommy!!!", making it top of the list when considering a mother's day or a special woman's treat. However, with the recent addition to their menu such as Angus Beef Sandwich, Onion Rings, and Buffalo Wings, the humble kitchen maybe is something to consider come this Father's Day.

More Eats and Treats at Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe
Mrs. Field's overhaul from kiosks to cookie cafes has again been brought to another level with the addition of their Hearty Plates line. CEO Gerwyn See and Marketing Head Florence Baylon proudly introduce the newest addition to the cookie cafe's line up.

It used to be just for the Caramel Brownie Chiller (P 130 Medium; P175 Large) and my occasional fix (although 'binge' might be more appropriate) of the nowhere-else-as-chewy Cookie Nibblers (P70 per half dozen; P140 per dozen) that I stop over at Mrs. Fields. But just recently, I was informed that their overhaul from kiosks to cookie cafes has again been brought to another level with the addition of their Hearty Plates line, making the then dessert counter an all day dining establishment.

Caramel Brownie Chiller

Of the ones I've tried, here are my recommendations.

Buffalo Wings (P185) and Thin Onion Rings (P130), two pulutan dishes seldomly seen sans beer on the side, may seem a little out of place in this demure prim and proper looking cafe. Mrs. Fields holding a platter of Fried Calamari (P 195)? An unlikely sight, indeed. However, it doesn't stop both of the dishes from collecting unanimous nods from the regular customers as these two had easily been the best sellers among their line of appetizers.

Buffalo Wings

A platter of six Buffalo Wings are good enough to heat up 2-3 people. This zesty treat isn't tame at all so expect moderate to wild spiciness. Great way to start your meal with a zing!

Thin Onion Rings

For those looking for a light starter, the crispy Thin Onion Rings, served with a tangy dip alongside, maybe your best option. They are best served fresh from the fryer so make sure you consume them right away.

Before you girls get disappointed thinking Mrs. Fields now favors the grease loving boys, the Oriental Chicken Salad (P185) may come off as a good news to you.

Oriental Chicken Salad

This Asian tropical salad has a melange of crisp veggies, pieces of slightly spicy chicken fingers, and a generous dressing of hoisin based sauce.

For the heavier entrées, Mrs. Fields has pastas, sandwiches and rice meals available. As I've said before, these are the ones men would find difficult to snob. Among the stellar is the Angus Roast Beef Belly and Cheese Sandwich (P215) whose name needs no more elaboration to entice meat lovers out there. Simply said, tender beef slices are sandwiched between thick focaccia bread. Serving is good enough as is to weigh you down (it also comes with potato chips) so if you're watching your weight, better have someone to share this with.

Angus Roast Beef Belly and Cheese Sandwich

Beef Salpicao Spaghetti (P195) also falls in the for sharing category. I especially enjoyed my share of this sweet-salty dish with commendably hefty incorporation of salpicao bits and pieces.

Beef Salpicao Spaghetti

If I were to be back though, I'd go for another serving of the Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet (P195) with Pilaf Rice. It's fish so definitely it's lighter than the ones mentioned above. Tastewise though, it doesn't fall far behind, thanks to its crunchy flavorful breading and its agreeable marriage to the mango salsa served on top.

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet

Once the big guys are all beefed up, why not surprise them with something Mrs. Fields is known for: a Big Cookie Cake (P 490 Cookie Card; P 1100 14" Heart; P 1250 16" Round). You can choose from templates they pre-designed or you can ask for a custom-made one like this one we got, our very own ClickTheCity cookie!

ClickTheCity Cookie

Even the toughest of men would crumble in utmost bliss once they see this.

Happy Father's Day!

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