Hakata Ton-Ichi at Glorietta’s Japan Town Offers P180 Ramen Bowls

Hakata Ton-Ichi


For anyone who loves Japanese food, Glorietta's Japan Town surely is the best place to go to get your cravings fixed. With the variety of dishes that each restaurant offers - from tendon and tonkatsu to shabu-shabu and ramen - there's always something new to try in the area when you feel like exploring and treating yourself. 

Hakata Ton-Ichi is one of the new restaurants in the city serving good bowls of ramen at a price that won't burn a hole in your pockets. They tag themselves as a "ramen shop for the working class" because they aim to make the Japanese staple food as something that is not a luxury to eat, but a comfort food they can have even during the dreaded petsa de peligro. 

Located at the Japan Town of Glorietta's Top of the Glo, this ramen place has a colorful aesthetic which can be seen from the paintings on the walls to the placemats that they use on every table. They even have a traditional-looking ramen bar in the middle of the restaurant, a perfect addition for those who prefer eating their ramen alone. 

From ramen bowls and rice dishes to the side dishes, here are some of the must-tries from Hakata Ton-Ichi. 

Ton-Ichi Ramen

A must-try for anyone who visits Hakata Ton-Ichi, their Ton-Ichi Ramen is known to be their essential ramen. Priced at P180, this ramen is made with the restaurant's signature broth, oil, and chashu, topped with onion leeks, kikurage, and tamago

Like your ramen a bit spicy? Their Red Ramen (P220is also made with the same broth as the Ton-Ichi Ramen but is drizzled with their special red oil, which gives the dish the amount of spice that doesn't overpower the flavors of the broth. 

Cheese Gyoza

A ramen meal isn't complete without a side dish to pair it with. Their Cheese Gyoza (P160) comes in 5 pieces of dumplings doused in a cheese sauce, making it the perfect side dish (or an appetizer) for the cheese-lovers out there.  You can also order the regular Gyoza (P150) if you prefer the classic one more than the cheesier alternative. 

Hakata King's Set with Red Ramen 
Hakata Ton Ichi ClickTheCity
Hakata Fried Rice
Hakata Ton Ichi ClickTheCity
Sunny California Roll
Hakata Ton Ichi ClickTheCity
Chicken Karaage

If you're feeling extra hungry, and want something heavier to get you through the day, Hakata Ton-Ichi also has Ramen, Ramen Don, and King's Set, which are all complete meals with drinks and fruits already. Their King's Set, for one, is priced at P500, and gets you a bowl of your preferred ramen, Hakata Fried Rice, Salad or Sushi Roll, Gyoza or Karaage, mixed fruits, and iced tea. 

Hakata Ton Ichi ClickTheCity
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice
Hakata Ton Ichi ClickTheCity
Hamburg Curry Rice

Hakata Ton-Ichi also serves curry rice and rice bowl dishes, perfect for those who just can't live without rice in their meals. Their bestsellers, however, are the Hamburg Curry Rice (P270) and Chicken Katsu Curry Rice  (P260). For their rice bowls, they recommend the Gyu Don (P250), a Japanese classic dish with beef loin strips in oyako sauce and topped with red ginger and green onions.  


Hakata Ton-Ichi is located at 4th Level, Top of the Glo, Palm Drive, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila. It also has a branch in SM North EDSA. For more information, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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Hakata Ton-Ichi

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