10 Places For Comforting Soups Perfect For The Rainy Weather

There’s nothing like a bowl of good ‘ol warm soup on a cold, rainy day. Both delicious and comforting, soup can do wonders for one's mood during the rainy weather. Plus, it comes in a variety of types – thick soups, clear broths, chowders, you name it – fit for all kinds of foodies. 

Craving for a bowl of cozy goodness? Here are 8 restaurants to head to (or order takeout from) for these yummy soups that'll chase those rainy days blue away:


When it comes to comfort food done right, Nono's is king. Their menu is made up of home-cooked favorites taken up a notch (chicken, grilled cheese, spaghetti), and that includes their soup menu – particularly their yummy French Onion Soup (P235). The flavorful broth is infused with slow-cooked caramelized onions, done until soft and sweet, and then topped with a thick slice of sourdough and melted mozzarella that ends up super gooey with every spoonful. Cheese addicts will love this, too!


What's a well-loved Italian restaurant without some good Italian soup? Aside from their minestrone and pomodoro offerings, the family favorite Cibo Restaurant also offers the classic mushroom soup, in Cibo fashion, of course. Cibo's Minestra Di Funghi Farro (P295) is mushroom soup blended with fresh mushrooms, Italian rosemary, and barley grains, giving each serving a nice, firm bite to it. Not only does it taste authentic, but it's also very filling.

Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen

Pho is best during rainy weather, pho sure! And what better place to get a steaming bowl of authentic Vietnamese noodles from than at Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen? From chicken, seafood, veggies, and pork, Bawai's pho menu can satisfy every craving, especially their Pho Bo (P365), the traditional Vietnamese tenderloin beef noodle soup made with fresh herbs, spices, and crunchy veggies. Slurp up those vermicelli noodles and have your clear broth with sriracha and hoisin sauce on the side!

Black Canyon

For another Asian soup option, what about the perfect bowl of Thailand's Tom Yum soup from Black Canyon Coffee? Tom Yum Goong soup (P285) is a traditional Thai dish, also called Spicy Prawn Soup. This best-selling, aromatic broth is mixed with veggies, seafood, and Thai herbs, and is often paired with egg, rice, or enjoyed just on its own. Tom Yum's distinct spicy-sour blend of flavors is irresistible!

Tuan Tuan

Hong Kong comfort food/Chinese brasserie Tuan Tuan offers all kinds of street cuisine in a more elegant setting, and we're not complaining. Their Asian dishes are elevated but still taste just like the real thing, just like their Malay Laksa (P598-combo). Tuan Tuan's laksa features the famous spicy-milky orange broth, served with prawns, sliced cuttlefish, fish tofu, fish balls, and noodles. This is perfect for sharing!

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Wildflour serves up a bowl of mean tomato soup, made even better with its grilled cheese sandwich partner! Who can resist this classic comforting combo on a rainy day? Not us. Wildflour's Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich set (P495) features perfectly tart tomato soup, made from fresh tomatoes with just a hint of cream. The gooey grilled cheese sammie complements the soup well with its buttery, crunchy goodness!

S&R New York Style Pizza

It isn't just pizza and the hotdogs that are the talk of the hungry town at S&R - it's also their super tasty, famous Clam Chowder soup (P109)! Goopy and chunky and super creamy, it's everything a comforting clam chowder aims to be. Bites of clam, potatoes, and bacon greet you with every spoonful, making this fast food option a tasty contender worth trying when in a rush.

Ramen Nagi

Of course, how could we forget ramen? Japan's pride and joy can be enjoyed in many authentic restos in the Metro, with one of them being the famed Ramen Nagi. Craving for some heat and spice? A notable choice is Ramen Nagi's notorious Red King (P410), the king of savory-spiciness. The silky, miso-infused broth has garlic, chili oil, Cayenne pepper, and Nagi spices, giving the broth a punchy kick. Enjoy it with tender chashu pork and firm ramen noodles!

Tim Ho Wan

For many, lugaw and rice porridge are also comfort food on their own, especially on a cold day. Luckily, good Chinese restaurants know how to serve a good congee, just like Tim Ho Wan. It's affordable, too! Tim Ho Wan's Congee with Lean Pork, Century Egg, and Salted Egg (P148) is simple in taste and served with delicious toppings. Side dishes and condiments are also available to season the congee to your liking. 

Sentro 1771

And what's rainy weather without the household Filipino favorite, sinigang? However, Sentro 1771 gives it a modern twist, while still keeping it comfortingly classic. Sentro's best-selling Corned Beef Sinigang (P329-639) is everything our national soup is loved for: its tangy broth and well-cooked veggies. This spin though is super tender fresh corned beef cubes that just melt in your mouth! You can't have this without a cup of rice (or two), for sure.

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